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  1. I'll either be late or unable to get on for tonight's raid. Got a mandatory battery meeting tonight
  2. Great to be back. Almost missed SFR playing ARK and just about freaked out because teamspeak wasn't opening fast enough. Off topic--you know years ago I started using TheBlindZen as my gaming/Internet handle I never meant the shorthand for it to be "Blind" (I preferred Zen) but everybody went straight for just "Blind" and although it used to grate on me a lot (my real name is Jake and I've ALWAYS had to say "no it's just Jake, not Jacob thanks yeah I know that's weird" throughout my life) I think I'm finally just going to accept it.
  3. I'm actually just returning to the game (maybe tonight maybe tomorrow night) after a bit of a hiatus due to a loss in the family and work being very busy so I'd only had to time for single player games. But all is good now. I've been missing me some Thursday night raids
  4. FML I can't wait to get out of the Army
  5. Already on! My kidwent RIGHT to sleep. Too easily though...its suspect
  6. First night went great! Almost too great. My wife slept in the other room and he never once woke up. I'm going to try to be on tonight and just put the monitor right next to me. Kid even used the sheets. He never uses the sheets. I believe he may be plotting something.
  7. Should've been recording! I honestly thought I dropped way off of where I thought you were.
  8. It was one of those things that only works once. Ever. I was sure you were going to pop me when I ran out of that spawn a few more times.
  9. We're working on night-weaning our son which leaves the daddie with about 95% of the workload so I'm very sure I will not make any raids this week or I'll have to leave them early. Wish me luck! Seriously. Pray for me. This kid is addicted to the boob. I can't blame him though--can you?
  10. Be sure to include training to counter those random loners who hunt snipers with Galaxy drops Fr0st
  11. I was watching Halsoy's feed and thought the whole time through "We could make this a training video for new recruits on how we run ops". Not saying we are doing anything wrong just that I think it could be another instructional tool so that they can see how it works and what it can accomplish. Just a thought. I'm looking forward to the next one since I couldn't put my name in for this one
  12. Indeed it is but I didn't really have anything else to spend this birthday Steam card on so I suppose I'll be playing ESO for awhile. I'll look up the guild next time I'm on it. I vaguely remember playing the beta and being annoyed by everybody saying they expected better since its Elder Scrolls (Skyrim players who base everything off of Skyrim most likely). I like it. The only MMORPG I've ever played was SWTOR never got into WoW or Tera. Still got a deal to learn.
  13. I just bought it today and started the download. Wanted to start playing tonight and wondered since its been almost a year since the last post for this game if anybody's still playing. Last thing I saw was that mostly everyone was in the Daggerfall group so I suppose I'll join that.
  14. Just started downloading ESO, might be able to play by tonight

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