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  1. Hello, As of now Flight Training is put on hold and TBD at a later date. To be clear, Flight Training is not going away. I will update this post once scheduling and structure of the event has been finalized.
  2. I don't have a problem with moving the raid to Saturday and at an earlier time (basically I'm perfectly fine with it). However, if we are going to go ahead with this decision we should see how it works, and then convene (a.k.a. meet up) at a later date to discuss the results and see if anything more needs to be done or if we need to come up with something else.
  3. Hey guys, just as a quick update I'm gonna switch the time schedule of flight training to 4 pm - 6 pm Alaska time (8 pm - 10 pm eastern time) so that the event begins when people start getting on.
  4. Heya, so I've decided to join you guys in EVE, but before I'm 100% committed I want to know something. How active are you guys nowadays? Do you just group up every now and then or do you gather on a specific day like we do in PS2?
  5. Hey Guys! Just going to announce starting this Wednesday from 3 pm - 5 pm Alaska time (which should be 7 pm - 9 pm eastern time) I will be reviving Flight Training and hosting it on a weekly basis. Of course pilots of all skill levels are welcome since it's gonna be about giving said pilots that are new to flying an esf a chance to learn all they can, or allowing more experienced pilots time to practice their combat skills and improve upon them. Also I'll look into asking some of my [WHO] outfit comrades to come show you guys the ropes, seriously they're some of the best pilots on the server. I will announce the start of this event (or tell you guys if I have to cancel Flight Training) in Spookychat to give people a good heads up. Hope to see new and familiar faces this Wednesday!
  6. Feledryn

    R7 Skirmish

    I'm also interested, just post the date and time and I'll be ready for'em .
  7. D'awww. I remember I posted this years ago, funny how things work out. In the end, I came back and have advanced even further in Planetside 2 as a pilot and as captain of GOTR's PS2 wind wraith division ^~^. I might even start thinking about other games and being more active on the forums. Thanks so much for your love and support guys. Don't worry, now that I'm back I'm not going anywhere for I am truly a Ghost of the Revolution.
  8. Hey Guys, Unfortunately, my time playing Planetside 2 has come to a close along with my time in GOTR. Despite how awesome PS2 is I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for, mostly in regards to aerial combat. I was hoping that I could find a way to constantly fly like a fighter aircraft and blast apart vehicles, troops and enemy air in lighting fast style (think games like DCS World, Wing Commander and War Thunder to name a few). Due to the mechanics of the game however this made it incredibly frustrating to accomplish. My reasoning for this is: to me aircraft in PS2 feel painfully slow to fly, are unfairly susceptible to ground AA, an esf has pitiful health compared to other aircraft or vehicles, you can't use both AA and AV at the same time in an effective way with an esf, and last but not least any aircraft in PS2 flies like VTOL/STOL aircraft or helicopters... yah... not my bag of tea. So without further a do, I'll be leaving GOTR and bidding farewell to Planetside 2. Believe me though, this has nothing to do with GOTR or any of the rest of the guys I played with. You were all awesome beyond expectation. Take care guys, I hope you continue to dominate the battlefields of Auraxis for many years to come ^~^.
  9. Hey Guys, sorry to say this but I accidentally messed up taking one of the pictures, making it impossible to tell if I was at the NC warpgate (even though I did make it to the NC warpgate). So I can't really claim the 100 NTU... oh well, I had a blast racing with you guys anyway so don't worry about it, I'll be fine ^~^.
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