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  1. Hi All,

    This is Muirgheal.  I've been away from PS 2 for awhile, but I want to get back in.  My company gave me a new laptop (for running deeplearning/AI algorithms).  It has an NVIDIA 1080 card, which is good, but the problem (I think) is the 4K HiDPI Matte Display.  Here are my issues in PS2:  the text in the conversation screen (upper left) is extremely tiny, the lower left local map display is extremely tiny, the center bottom personal info is extremely tiny, the kill notes (upper right) are extremely tiny... ok, you get the picture.  The graphics of the game itself look good and at the proper size.  But on the map screen the green ovals of where to deploy and the names of bases are extremely tiny... actually unreadable.

    Any suggestions on getting this laptop to play PS2 with a "normal" look would be extremely helpful.




  2. I didn't see how to start a new thread.



    Here is the SFR that I would like to propose:


    A Trip to Bountiful   (That's a film title)


    Everyone must have $5.00 in their Daybreak accont.

    We raid like normal except that everytime we die, we

    put a bounty on the player that kills us.  No exceptions.

    Then we will have tons of bountied players so that we

    can fulfill the Bounty directive.  


    The problem with bounties is that ego prevents people

    from placing bounties.  It is an admission of another players

    dominance.  But, if we have a squad or platoon of folks that

    make it known all opposition will be bountied, then the ego

    issue goes away.  It then becomes a fun night of killing those

    we have put bounties on.   The $5.00 buys each of us 20 bounties.




  3. This is a note that I hope will be read by GOTR officers that have communications with

    other outfits.


    I had respect for GOKU until today, where I got the distinct impression that GOKU

    thinks TK'ing is an acceptable play style.   I'm a low-key, rarely get riled player but

    today I am pissed.


    I was helping to defend our tech plant.  I usually pull a harrasser and go kill enemy

    sundies.   I've done it thousands of times.  The vehicle terminal near spawn was

    camped so I went to the main building vehicle terms.  VS had COMPLETE control

    of main building.  As I was repairing the term BlinksVS of GOKU TK's me.  I think

    it is a mistake.  So I get a revive (VS is all around) and start to repair the term again.

    BlinksVS of GOKU  TK's me again.  In proxie chat they say "don't repair the term"

    I respond in proxie that I need a vehicle.  The response in proxie was "Fuck your

    vehicle".   I'm furious at this point and so I seek out BlinksVS and TK him (which

    I think is wrong).   I then exchange tells with BlinksVS.   He insists that he will kill

    anyone repairing the terminal.


    I think this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE gameplay.  But, I got the impression

    that he was supported by his GOKU leaders.  If GOTR leaders said it is ok to TK

    other players that are pursuing legitimate game goals, then I would leave GOTR

    instantly.  I hope that GOTR would kick any member that thought this was acceptable



    I know there are times killing our terms is the right thing to do (this situation wasn't

    such a time), but even if I was a noobie BR 2 just trying to get rep points.  It is WRONG to

    TK him for doing this.   In my situation they could have destroyed the term after I

    pulled my harrasser (again VS were all around the terminal).


    If GOKU thinks this is legitimate gameplay, then GOKU sucks.   This kind of BS

    behavior RUINS a game that I love.



  4. Of course, if your goal is to keep your birdie alive, then the ejection cert is of little use to you.

    My goal, is to dispose of my bird as fast as possible.  What few scythe kills I do have come

    from her crashing in to a lonely goatherder, which is bound to happen eventually.


    When I was a babe in the woods, I was told that Ejection was the "sniper's cert".  I was a

    professional sniper at the time so I certed it.  But, actually, a sniper very rarely needs

    a scythe to get to good sniping positions.  I almost never used it for this.  I did fly my scythe

    to ghost cap a lot, but in that scenario, you can usually land.  Again, I was not making

    use of the full potential of the Ejection Cert.  I do not advise sniping as a profession,

    it gets boring after about your 5000th headshot kill.  So unless your name is Torokokill

    I advise branching out.


    I'm asking people to stop seeing Ejection as the "sniper's cert".  Ejection is the Precision

    Bombing Cert, where the bomb is YOU!   And I submit, that a GOTR member makes for

    a pretty powerful bomb.   It is for taking your scythe where pilots fear to tread, ie, right

    in the thickest part of the battle and putting yourself, precisely, right where you want to

    be.  If you are a pilot, you should try it on for size and see how it feels to fall out of plane

    without the need for a "controlled bailout" -- view your plane, at least once, as completely

    disposable and see how fun it is to drop on an enemy sundy.


    Be All You Can Be --- Be a Bomb!





  5. Last night during in game chatter, someone made the comment "Why would you cert ejection

    on your scythe when you can simply fly as an LA?"   I was taken aback...   So please allow me

    to humbly point out the differences.


    Scenario:  Enemy sundy is in one of our base's guard towers.  2+ squads of enemies are covering the

    tower completely and baddies keep rolling out.


    Mission:  Kill that Sundy.


    Redeploy to a nearby base with air terminal if current base does not have one.

    Put waypoint on dead center of that tower.

    Revert to Engineer and carry 3 tank mines.

    Wear generic (non-VS) cammo appropriate to the continent (white for Esamir, etc).

    Fly scythe towards waypoint....


    Oops, two reavers see me and start the chase... Gun boosters and start

    weaving as much as possible...  Flack is now coming from tower...  Straying

    from waypoint but getting close...  Bank hard right flying at 350 kph just

    catching the waypoint light... NOW hit E (the magical ejection).


    I drop DEAD straight down through the hole in the tower on top of the sundy.

    Jump down and go directly to the equipment terminal "... derp a derp... just

    changing my loadout at this friendly terminal... don't mind me..."   Half a dozen

    enemies all around me doing the same thing.  Drop 2 or 3 mines below sundy.

    Step back and shoot them.  Sundy down.  Mission accomplished.


    All thanks to the magic of the Ejection Cert.  


    I defy an LA to eject from a scythe under these circumstances and "control his

    descent" to the sundy.  The momentum he retains is enormous.


    I do this sort of thing 5 to 10 times every hour!


    Ejection Cert defies all laws of physics.  It is magic.. even in a world where nanites

    raise us from the dead.   


    I'm an infantry player.   I can't stand flying.  I don't know how.  I've never been

    in a dogfight.  I have ZERO purposeful scythe kills.  BUT!   I NEVER let my

    air resources go to waste.  I use them as much as possible to accomplish

    special infantry ops.   


    I have been in a tower base that is completely surrounded by enemy and I know

    that the enemy sundy is somewhere behind the building at C point.   I spawn

    a liberator simply to carry me the 50 meters to get me directly over their sundy.

    I eject and drop straight on it.  Killing it.  Some say "You wasted a liberator!"

    My response is "I would never use the liberator, so it is a waste NOT to use

    it in this manner."   Think outside the box!


    I highly recommend that every member of  GOTR, especially those who can't fly, 

    get the ejection cert and put those air resources to use.  Don't waste them.



    Lowly grunt in SPECTRE

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