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  1. Champagon

    Blade and Soul SERVER THREAD

    Also PROFESSIONS: Please list what profession you are and your server. It is a good idea to Diversify professions so that we can create/gather items for each other **Currently you can only have 2 gathering and 2 crafting professions for a total of 4 professions
  2. Champagon

    Blade and Soul SERVER THREAD

    So there have been some mix-ups but this thread is for Blade and Soul servers Current Juwol server houses about 7 GOTR (There is a clan here currently with more to come) There are some GOTR players on Mushin (Mainly Tera players headed to this server)however this server has a very hefty queue. If you already created a character that is low level on a different server feel free to come to Juwol. Teamspeak Channels: Blade & Soul -Mushin Server -Juwol Server Thanks for your patience guys, I am just making sense out of all of this. It's fun to play together and I don't want us to be all over the place if at all possible.
  3. Champagon

    Blade and Soul I'll be on Mushin server.

    I am making a consolidation thread now
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