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  1. Sounds good to me, we need to give it a shot in order to see how well it works. We've had the current ranking system for so long I'm not too sure everyone will be so accepting of change...But at the end of the day, you're the outfit leader.
  2. LMAOOOOo already posted on reddit!! https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/4mfj9h/how_gotr_announces_raid_night_target_continent/ Typheus you need to do the rest of the conts now
  3. Sounds cool, i would be more than happy to teach how to tank or something if i have the time wednesdays. Not saying I am the best tanker but I could probably give some tips.
  4. More flexibility for tac Tuesday. Potentially turn it into a mini raid instead of specifically infantry ops? I'm biased though just my two cents
  5. I highly recommend this to those looking to get into leading. I tried it a few times and it helps out for sure! Have fun with it!
  6. Also PROFESSIONS: Please list what profession you are and your server. It is a good idea to Diversify professions so that we can create/gather items for each other **Currently you can only have 2 gathering and 2 crafting professions for a total of 4 professions
  7. So there have been some mix-ups but this thread is for Blade and Soul servers Current Juwol server houses about 7 GOTR (There is a clan here currently with more to come) There are some GOTR players on Mushin (Mainly Tera players headed to this server)however this server has a very hefty queue. If you already created a character that is low level on a different server feel free to come to Juwol. Teamspeak Channels: Blade & Soul -Mushin Server -Juwol Server Thanks for your patience guys, I am just making sense out of all of this. It's fun to play together and I don't want us to be all over the place if at all possible.
  8. I am making a consolidation thread now
  9. Hey everyone! I know i've mentioned it before, but just as a reminder. My schedule at my new job is hectic currently. I am trying to get on as much as I can however my schedule changes soon to night time basically and I will miss raid for a couple of weeks/months (This includes Mech Monday ) Thanks for understanding! You may see me participate in some late night Ops more. But if i am available I will happily be involved
  10. Ok seriously I need the following ~Dice ~Dogtag Robo pls
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