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  1. I remember the 10th anniversary. Just been reminiscing on some old times with this outfit.
  2. I have been looking into this. It still is in early access so that pulls me away from it for now but seems like it is going to a good place.
  3. I left about four months ago for Army basic training or as I completed OSUT training to become a US Army M1 Abrams crewman. Now after a week of leave and a few days getting set up I am down at Ft. Bliss TX for the next couple of years. I should have an abundance of time that I did not have before and am ready to start playing again.
  4. I was thinking a lot last nice after our little play session in Stellaris and I was perplexed by an event I caused. I guaranteed independence of another empire to the great dismay of Ghandi. I personally did not mean for that to happen. I did it for personal gains which then they became my new space China. Was I being a dick or playing to win? The reason why I ask this because this type of thing can happen in a lot of different games so I think we should create a precedent for this event.
  5. These are some excellent points Robo and I hope we can implement them. When it comes to hot-joining personally for me if I hot-join with you guys I see myself as a secondary character. I am there for the enjoyment of myself and others but the core people will get their way before I do. This is fine to me and probably some other people who may get in the same situation. I do also think we should put a cap after a certain amount of time where no one else can join unless it is taking over another player who has to leave at the discretion of the host. Also one thing i just noticed is a lack of a point about the host. In my personal views the host is the effective leader of the group and makes sure everything goes well. If there is a debate on rules on if someone can join the final say should be the host. These of course are my views and maybe we can figure out a good alternative if this is a difference.
  6. that is a negative on me now. Life just popped up and i can not do today.
  7. I will participate if needed. I would have posted earlier if i knew what server it would be on.
  8. Why did I have to be so hard headed?
  9. After more then a year and half I decided to download PS2 again. It seems a lot has changed and there of course are a lot of new faces. I really need to catch up with a lot of the older officers. I am also happy seeing a lot of my CRO stuff is still around. I basically took my break because, other then the game was running poorly on my old machine, gaming wasn't the best for me at that time. Now I am older, more mature which is a big plus, and being a senior in HS having a lot more time. I know I won't be able to make Thursday Raids because I have PT on Thursdays. I should be active though until Beginning of July. I leave for Basic Training with the Army at that time and I wont get out of training until middle of October. I am happy to see everyone and joyful to hop back into this community.
  10. I am taking a break from GotR and gaming in general for a little bit. PlanetSide 2 for me and a lot of people has really preformed badly and I have burned out on it. I have given up my position in ION and resigned CRO and gave it to DRTAC. First CRO not in FEAR for a couple of years just saying. I am sad I am doing this but I need to so I can focus on school and my relationships.
  11. Seeing this makes me more impatient with being a Junior right now.Once I turn 17 it will be even worse because I am enlisting but still have to wait till i graduate HS to be able to spend 3 months being yelled at by Marine Drill Sergeants. Man I can't wait can the next year go by really fast. Also good luck and try to keep your crying to a minimum.
  12. I kinda liked it, but it just feels weird. That could be since I mostly play CS:GO right now though. I personally wasn't really amazed by it though, seems clunky like where he put up the personal aegis shield and it seemed like their sensitivity was too low.
  13. You can get them to slow down the hype train. I know that is hard but it is possible.
  14. I talked about how it was so hyped up. This is a warning for us as a community. We should watch this more closely so we can try to stop it from happening.
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