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  1. draconiscloak

    Post here for clan invites

    Hey, I was wondering if I could get back into the clan if it is still running name is Draconiscloak
  2. draconiscloak

    Redknight & Lobada Minecraft Message Board

    I'll try to join, I haven't played minecraft in forever haa
  3. draconiscloak

    Eight-Player Raiding

    Have we decided on a time?
  4. draconiscloak

    Itzal Components Research Active

    Yeah the drop rate is horrible, I did the mission on Uranus twice last night till round 4. Only got like one piece.
  5. draconiscloak

    Itzal Components Research Active

    Easiest place to farm tellerium is probably the archwing mission on earth.
  6. draconiscloak

    Archwing Quest.

    Just got the archwing crafted and finished the mission. pretty interesting idea
  7. draconiscloak

    Temp Vanilla server up for public use

    Ill hop on later today
  8. draconiscloak

    Discussing Restarting a new survival server

    I wouldn't mind either, the small amount of time that I play MC is usually with GOTR members
  9. draconiscloak

    Attack of the B-Team interest probe

    Sounds interesting Reality.
  10. draconiscloak

    Gonna give it a go

    Reality, not everyone is super high level. I still pretty low, since I stopped playing awhile ago and just got back into it.
  11. response to the response to the response required following previous status posts.

    1. Acoyph


      I was TRYING to combo break with my Mango post.

    2. Acoyph
  12. draconiscloak

    Your Warframe name

    Decided to reinstall the game. IGN- Draconiscloak
  13. draconiscloak

    Test weekend

    Hey guys, is anyone else thinking of doing the test this weekend?
  14. draconiscloak

    You can now Pre-Ordering ESO

    I would love to get it but I've decided to save up my money to get myself a desktop. Plus I'm curious as to how long it will stay with the payment plan.
  15. Winter is co- Oh wait nevermind its here.

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