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  1. Goonch! Where have you gone? We miss your voice around here. . .


  2. I'm going to try to make it a weekend thing. Now that I am reaching an operator quota I think I can set a date and see if people can make it. How does Sunday the 7th sound around 7PM Eastern?
  3. Well, we have 4 so far Robo Advarium Elderdae and myself. Would like to get at least 3 more to make it an even six!
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good to have some feedback on that one. Remember, one you reach a certain battle rank (15?) you can refund all certs you have gained. This makes the early grind for better weapons a little more bearable in my opinion and creates a situation best suited for a team of specialists. By on the periphery. . . what exactly do you mean?
  5. All, I would like to form a team of 6-12 tactically minded individuals to play Planetside 2 with. I miss the small, tight-knit ops I used to run in the past with others and would like to get back into them. No hair brained schemes this time, though. Just simple teamwork with the express goal of taking and holding key points at a base and dominating a situation. Depending on interest, I would like to form this team on NC however, for a couple of reasons. 1. Starting from scratch and rebuilding a character is fun. 2. NC weapons are harder hitting, which I actually enjoy. 3. NC have the Railjack (I'm biased, shoot me. XD) If I receive enough interest, but the most people would prefer to stay on VS, thats ok. We can be more effective with the gear we have earned over years of work anyway. I just like the idea of starting from scratch and working up with new weapons. Members new to the outfit or new to Planetside are totally welcome! The first 6-12 people to PM on Discord are in. Keeping the unit small is not for the sake of exclusivity, and I am not going to cherry pick. Keeping the unit small is to facilitate tight-knit teamwork. From there we can decide when to meet and what to do. Saturday nights will most likely be the best for me, and maybe on an every-other-week basis. Let me know on Discord PM if you are interested. Thanks. o7
  6. Always will be small tac ops. I still think we could approach the game as more of a sandbox and try out different SFR ideas. I have a small compendium of old ideas located here if you are interested http://reconeviscerationelite.weebly.com/home.html Look under operations.
  7. This is great AJ! My semester at university is slowly coming to a close and I will be mildly busy over the winter break. However, now that I know there is a set time for Warframe raids, I will definitely try and attend at 8PM. (7CST) This is exactly what I have been waiting for, because Warframe is so boring and grindy alone. It's meant to be played as a team, especially the Plains. Thanks Robo and AJ for setting this up. (Will there be a Saint Turducken raid this Saturday the 25th? o7
  8. Could an AMR-7 team be used to replace the Lancer-nest? Since the AMR-7 rounds explode upon targets over 25m away - and they have better zoom, unlike the lancer. Just a thought, would need testing.
  9. I think moving the Raid to Saturday is exactly the move we need to boost our numbers. } I personally have had to miss many a raid for the past four years because of my schedule as a student (I rarely allow myself to commit to a game on a school night, especially now that I am in college) On selfish note of my own, I have been secretly hoping this would happen for a while, because it would allow me to join raid more regularly. I also hope that if we move raid to Saturday it could possibly bring back DL population, at least enough to have SHADES up and running at full strength again, but I realize that could be a pipedream. In any case, I think that moving the raid to Saturday is a very good idea and should render very positive results across the board for GOTR. o7
  10. GET IT WHILE ITS HOT! http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/218620/
  11. ATTENTION GHOSTS I just tried to download the test server from the link provided in the description of the test server channel on Teamspeak 3. Instead it downloaded a copy of the Live Play client .exe Luckily I always install the test server to an isolated file elsewhere on my computer. HAD I NOT DONE THIS IT WOULD HAVE OVERWRITTEN MY LIVE PLANETSIDE 2 DATA. Anyway, I thought it important to bring this to everyone's attention so that we can change the link. Thanks --7-- @robocpf1 @shinything
  12. There is so much more to do in Warframe now, we should get back into it!
  13. For someone reason I left the clan dojo a while back and have recently gotten back into Warframe. Invite please? IGN: DRTAC7
  14. I have always purposefully avoided EVE for two reasons. 1. It wasnt free to play. 2. I had heard that it was very risky and that if you werent careful or got mixed in with the wrong people, you could lose some serious money. However, now that it is soon to be Free, I am very much interested in jumping into it. I still worry about 'getting screwed' by other players in the game, which is why I would never play it without the aid of GOTR. Because I trust you guys! So, for a Free to Play character like myself, is the risk of losing money still present? This may sound like a dumb question, since it says 'free to play' but I imagine that if someone were to buy an in-game item separately, and then lose it somehow they would lose that money. How does that work? Thanks --7
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