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  1. Goonch! Where have you gone? We miss your voice around here. . .


  2. DRTAC7

    Warframe Saturday

    This is great AJ! My semester at university is slowly coming to a close and I will be mildly busy over the winter break. However, now that I know there is a set time for Warframe raids, I will definitely try and attend at 8PM. (7CST) This is exactly what I have been waiting for, because Warframe is so boring and grindy alone. It's meant to be played as a team, especially the Plains. Thanks Robo and AJ for setting this up. (Will there be a Saint Turducken raid this Saturday the 25th? o7
  3. DRTAC7

    Roleplay Squad Machinima

  4. DRTAC7

    Return to the Lotus

    There is so much more to do in Warframe now, we should get back into it!
  5. DRTAC7

    Post here for clan invites

    For someone reason I left the clan dojo a while back and have recently gotten back into Warframe. Invite please? IGN: DRTAC7
  6. DRTAC7

    No Man's Sky

    Damn, I knew I should have bought from Steam. Their refund policy is way better than GOG's. Apparently they are going to explore the SSE problem in a patch.
  7. DRTAC7

    No Man's Sky

    The game keeps crashing for everyone.
  8. DRTAC7

    No Man's Sky

    I have been debating with myself from the start if I even wanted to play in "online" mode. Since multiplayer is not a major aspect of the game, I was thinking about just playing in "offline" mode. The only issue is discoveries. If I want my discoveries to be seen, and to see other peoples discoveries, I would have to playin online mode. But after this new development, I don't know. Still, I am super excited beyond belief ( I too know what I am doing this weekend. :D) I also have a different question about No Man's Sky, which can be found here
  9. DRTAC7

    No Man's Sky

    I MWAHAHAHAHA! The perfect place to hide!
  10. DRTAC7

    Important Warframe Update

    Robo, in case you haven't already, you can remove me, since I won't be playing Warframe for a while. . .due to university.
  11. DRTAC7

    Tiny Model Bug - Screenshots!

    HAHAHA, and she is wearing a Archwing too. . . Why do all the cool things happen when I go to sleep?
  12. DRTAC7

    Warframe: GotR's dojo

    I would like to make a suggestion about the Dojo's Floor plan. I think we need to separate the Dueling Room and Obstacle Course from the rest of the Dojo. So I think we should put a T connector with a Dueling room on one side and a Obstacle Course on the other. And we should but this combination on the L connector connected to the elevator that leads to nothing right now. What do you think?
  13. DRTAC7

    Dueling Room in Dojo

    Actually, we should probably have a T Connector with a Dueling room on one side and a Obstacle course on the other
  14. DRTAC7

    Dueling Room in Dojo

    So we all know about the Dojo in Warframe. We all know that we have finally completed construction on another reactor. Now, I think we need a Dueling Room, and I know the perfect place to put it, see if you agree. The first + connector off the Grand Hall that you spawn into upon entering the dojo there is an elevator to the left, marked yellow, meaning up. Go there and you find an L connector. The door in the L connector is where I think we should put the Dueling Room, so that everybody knows where it is, and it makes that location special. Do you agree or disagree. Thanks -DRTAC7