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  1. UnknownShooter

    I finally bought it!

    It looks like this really took a nose-dive. I still plan to play. If anyone else is playing, hit me up.
  2. UnknownShooter

    I finally bought it!

    Now that I've purchased DBO- I'm just curious if folks are still playing and if so, what server? I'm still wetting my feet with the classes, so I'm not terribly far on anything. My family name is Unknownne- Hit me up!
  3. UnknownShooter

    H1Z1 Ressurection?

    Null- I've got to do some house stuff but I can/will be on in like 30-45 minutes. I'm already in channel so if you'd like- pop in and make noise or something to get my attention. My speakers are up enough I'll hear you. I may not pop right on but I will within a minute or two.
  4. UnknownShooter

    H1Z1 Ressurection?

    Perhaps we could all poke around a bit after Mech Monday? Pending work schedules, we could at least jump on long enough to WUTU.
  5. UnknownShooter

    Post here for clan invites

    In game: UnknownSentry
  6. UnknownShooter

    H1Z1 Ressurection?

    I'm down to play PvE/P and BRs (once I get my skill up). I definitely miss the group dynamic. We should get something going soon. Due to my work schedule- I only really play on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Swamp- Get that laptop up and running so you can join us!
  7. UnknownShooter

    H1Z1 Ressurection?

    I'm looking to get back into this, anyone still playing or want to give it another shot?
  8. UnknownShooter

    Thinking about loading this up

    So- It seems pretty fun so far but I can't seem to find anyone in-game. My name is Unknown Stalker if someone could find me.
  9. UnknownShooter

    Thinking about loading this up

    Good deal. I'll start the download process.
  10. I was thinking about downloading this and giving it a whirl here after work. Out of curiosity, how many people we have out there? How active are things? Thanks!
  11. UnknownShooter

    New Article: H1Z1 etiquette, guidelines and tips

    Here's a draft I did for the H1Z1 Pillars: H1Z1 SPECIFIC PILLARS In addition to The Pillars, the following H1Z1 specific pillars apply: Pillar 0: Real Life Comes First As of right now, there are no formal scheduled events. When that happens, we ask that you attend if you’re able. As always, real life and prior commitments come first. Pillar 1: The Forum Participating in the forum is a good way to learn new tactics, discuss strategies and share stories. Share your ideas. Offer constructive feedback to others. (Direct quote from PS2) Pillar 2: Voice Communication (TeamSpeak 3) Simply put- If you’re online, you are required to have TS running. This is for the obvious communication needs inherit to this game. Even if you’re the only GOTR member in channel; it’s helpful for those of us that come in after to announce our logging in and not get shot. As a member, you don’t need to have a mic but you need to be able to hear instructions and call outs. If you are an officer- a mic is required. Pillar 3: Respect and Sportsmanship We treat all players with respect, even our opponents. Keep the smack talk and name-calling out of all in-game text chat and voice. We have earned the respect of other outfits and empires by showing good sportsmanship. Don't be the person that ruins more than 10 years of street cred. (Direct quote from PS2) · Respect the Chain of Command. This is important in H1Z1 in that the atmosphere can go from easy-mode scavenging to chaos-filled nightmare fuel. Orders or instructions need to be complied with immediately to maintain control, objectivity and fun. Nobody likes corpse runs. Dissent should be dealt with privately.
  12. UnknownShooter

    Team BR?

    I definitely want to get back into it. I took some time away from because it became a little too "grindy". For a while there, there were so many of us that the zombies and few other people couldn't really offer a challenge. It just got to be a farm/scavenge simulator. I did pop on the other night and it looks like there's been some significant changes that I'm eager to explore with my GOTR fam!
  13. UnknownShooter

    Close the damn door!

  14. UnknownShooter

    New Article: H1Z1 etiquette, guidelines and tips

    I thought about it overnight and I think what we have here will be sufficient. I'd like to get Hammerspike edit permissions as well. Thanks, Shiny.
  15. UnknownShooter

    New Article: H1Z1 etiquette, guidelines and tips

    Awesome! Thanks, Shiny! I was just looking to have this as one of the first things that people see. As things progress, I feel like it's going to be a great resource tool.
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