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  1. Raid night is still Thursday, that is our most active night. Weekends also feature higher activity.
  2. Hi, welcome to the group!
  3. Ivandrov

    New to PG

    There aren't any training days that are regularly scheduled. I'd be more than happy to set up a date and time with you for some hands-on training, if you'd like. You can also do some learning yourself by reading this article that I've just updated: Nothing is required in the sense that we will preclude you from participating in raid if you don't have them. However, some are critical to the success of the unit, such as the engineer certs which are used at all times.
  4. If I think I understand what you are describing, this would actually be detrimental, especially for the vehicle squads. We rely heavily on being able to glance on the map and know where everyone is at any given moment. Having the same division split up between platoons would cause the other platoon to appear the same on the map as any other greenie and would require some extensive searching to find their position. I don't really see how that would help. This would only pertain to DA as the other divisions are not big enough to support more than two full squads and DA is already split into squads. If any part of PG WW or Vengeance is called into action, that whole divisions comes. Map smoke has limited range and can be confusing when multiple people are using smoke at the same time. Not a good back-up.
  5. Our numbers regularly exceed the maximum size a platoon can be and individual divisions also regularly exceed the maximum size a squad can be. Last night, Phantom Guard was rolling around with two squads while Death Angels had three. DA, PG, WW and Vengeance all have separate policies with regard to waypoint use. WW uses pretty much all of the waypoints available to a platoon to coordinate fallback points, FOB placement, and attack points. Phantom Guard will occasionally use all of the available way points for route marking and attack patterns. Plus, the communication you are talking about is already in place. Robo is supposed to communicate over Command channel first to the division leaders then, the division leaders will communicate to the division where they need to go. If a division needs help in some area, they will directly ask another division over Command Chat to assist, we do not go through Robo as a middleman. Also, I'm not sure what exactly you mean by syncing division movements, Robo can dish out orders saying, DA you are in this area, PG you are in this area, WW cover PG, DA squad one go here, squad two go here etc. Plus, we do not want to attempt to incorporate different voice chats systems because they are difficult to balance in volume and attention. We do however always welcome your suggestions and encourage anyone who has one to post about. So thank you.
  6. We have that covered already without needing to form a new sub-division. We have those players within DA on standby in case we want to build a base. We don't have a base building division for the same reason we don't have a galaxy division. Those roles can be filled on an as needed basis. We have people within DA who build bases and fly galaxies.
  7. A Division that does not participate in Raid Night is not a Division at all. Raid Night is their only reason for existing. We don't use our Divisional Structure outside of Raid Night. If people want to group up and build bases, they may do so whenever they wish. (Outside of Raid Night) They don't need anything official to set up something that they can have fun with together. And, trust me, VanuGreg didn't leave the outfit just because there wasn't a base building division.
  8. We might consider the idea if our attendance on Raid night was 100+ like it used to be. But, we can barely break 50+. We don't have the manpower to create more specalized divisions. We need DA to stay focused on base capture and Infantry fighting. Splintering off into specalized sub divisions makes everything ineffective. We'll lose the critical manpower we need to actually do anything.
  9. GOTR takes up as much time of the week as people want it to. We can't force anyone to play with us for any specific amount of time in a week. Pillar 4 specifically deals with raid night, and that if you're playing Planetside 2 during those hours, you must play with us.
  10. It's PG tradition to run over our high ranking officers in the outfit, especially when they're standing in the middle of the road staring at the map. *Ahem* Robo. It's also WW tradition for the high-ranking officers to crash into each other at high speed. I do remember one SFR that I led where, at the start, we piled into a galaxy I happened to be flying. During the flight, I accidentally exited out of the vehicle and failed to warn anybody. I sent a fully loaded gal straight into the side of a mountain. It was beautiful.
  11. Ivandrov

    I gave in

    Well, guess I'll be playing Star Citizen now.
  12. Congrats, and welcome back!
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