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  1. Ivandrov

    I gave in

    Well, guess I'll be playing Star Citizen now.
  2. What's wrong with meta-revenge? That would mimic the way AI behave after an empire is swallowed by another. They get angry and start to band up. Also, obviously, the new empire you choose will have a sub optimal pallet of options chosen for you and there might not be a connection. But, I don't think that warrants changing anything about how a game of Multiplayer in Stellaris would be normally played. Losing your empire doesn't just happen, there is always a failure or series of failures that is the cause.
  3. That's just normal play to me. It doesn't really take him out of the game.
  4. Since Stellaris allows hot joining and switching empires, I don't think elimination of a player's empire is necessarily a bad thing since you can just switch to another empire when that happens. One and Two can be pretty much summed up as "Don't be a dick." I think five is pretty simple actually, set a time for play that at least somewhat fits peoples schedules and play the game then whether everyone is there or not. The AI should do a pretty decent job of managing the empires of those not present.
  5. Robo and some former FEAR officers already have a game going. I think Robo was also talking about a another large game with most of the officers participating.
  6. Several of us have been playing, it has so far been lot's of fun.
  7. Ivandrov

    Factorio, ck2, multiplayer group

    No, I only have CK2 out of that list. I haven't played a proper game of Ck2 in a while. Mostly just screwed around with console commands for the past year or so.
  8. Ivandrov

    Factorio, ck2, multiplayer group

    I'm up for some Crusader kings. Just give a date and time.
  9. They have a whole series of dev diaries that they post every Monday.
  10. Ivandrov

    The Mongols are coming

    Yes, but the usual movie/book cliche is that they'll slowly drop one by one and Mongol Hordes are huge!
  11. Ivandrov

    My family tree

    If you ever get bored of Crusader Kings. You can turn it into a completely different game by just seeing how screwed up you can make the family trees. *Plays Crusader Kings II* Just conquered Scandinavia again. Hrm, let's see what kind of family tree we can come up with here. *Plays more* I am now my father. Wait, what!? WTF.
  12. Ivandrov

    What is EU4?

    Really? I never had a problem with overextension. Maybe, I'm just more sensible in how much land I grab at once.
  13. Ivandrov

    DCS: A-10C in a nutshell

    Many Russian tanks dead = Great Success.
  14. Ivandrov

    DCS: A-10C in a nutshell

    Alright, hanging out in the Flight Wing channel, whenever you're ready.
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