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  1. Noxeris

    Black Desert

    I don't have any left, not sure about anyone else. If no one else has one here, I would check the Black Desert subreddit. They have a stickied guest pass megathread so you ought to be able to get one from there.
  2. Noxeris

    Black Desert

    PVP is only allowed post level 45, and yes you can be engaged at any time outside of safe zones but there is a significant "karma" penalty incurred when doing a random PK. When a player gets below a certain karma threshold they are actually banned from all cities and are considered KOS for everyone, among other disadvantages. Even in safe zones. Meaning no bank, merchants, marketplace, stables, or repair services. All things you NEED at least once every hour or two. You can only regain karma by grinding mobs, but the rate is quite slow so recovering from the PK penalty is nothing to sneeze at. AFAIK it takes an hour or two grinding AT LEVEL mobs to recover from ONE PK. That being said, there is a bit of an oversight/bug right now where someone will initiate a PK but if they start to lose it they will flag down. There is currently no cooldown for the PVP flag and it is being abused, but I don't think it will last long. Daum and PA really frown on this type of behavior, and have done their best to discourage it all the while promoting GvG warfare which is where the majority of PvP happens. Guild wars start roughly every 5-10 minutes and can end in 20 minutes to 6 hours (Longest one I've seen so far). The way guild wars work is all the members of the guilds are KOS for all the players of the opposing guild and there is no karma penalty for killing them, nor do they have to flag up to kill. Guild wars also involve ALL players of the guilds including the ones below the normal PVP threshold. In short, PVP is a bit of shitshow right now due to there being no cooldown on the PVP flag but once that gets addressed I'll bet it will become more like what the KR version looks like with very little random PK (mainly contained within the high level grinding spots) and massive guild wars that span weeks at a time. The Valencian Desert (the iconic Black Desert, not in our version yet. Won't be for months yet.) is a bit different but that won't be in our version for a while yet. Also, the penalty for dying during a PK is not bad. A normal PVE death causes you to lose XP and there is a chance for your equipment gems to break, however in PVP you only have a chance of your gems breaking and you do not actually lose XP. Unless you're a criminal (someone with negative karma), if you're a criminal you suffer the biggest penalties with loss of Gems, dropping gear, destruction of gear (if severely negative Karma), and randomized respawn location (within region of death).
  3. Noxeris

    Black Desert

    Well I've put over 50 hours into it so far... I fucking love it. I can say for sure that I will be playing BDO for a looong time to come. I do have one more guest pass should anyone here wish to try it out. Be warned, PVP is very prevalent and extremely important at "Endgame" (Endgame is a myth in BDO). It is also incredibly fun and I'm thoroughly addicted to it. I hate PVP usually.
  4. Noxeris

    Black Desert

    Been following it's localization fairly closely for over a year now. Got into CBT but wasn't able to play it much due to work and what I did play wasn't all that interesting to me. I think my problem was that they really didn't have a class that I like yet, and I've been feeling a bit burned out on mmos in general lately. Going to try to really get into it in CBT 2.
  5. Well I'm certainly not. I'm with Tallon on this one, AEGIS forever!
  6. Noxeris


    Hmmmm, if you guys are playing it I might just have to give it a shot... I got into the last beta (CBT4) but it was extremely buggy, glitchy, and slow so it didn't really feel all that good. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot...
  7. I don't think many (if any) people from GOTR play anymore. I never even joined the guild and barely joined the group. My main guild is the Covenant Collective and you could probably get in if you want to. *Amendment* I think a few people might still play but I don't know who. EmyLightsaber might be one seeing as he is the admin, but other than him I have no idea.
  8. April fools update maybe? GuildWars 2 also dropped their April fools update on the 31st soooo....
  9. I donated my six today and finished the research for the harness. We still need like 20 more to finish the other two parts. Now that my Odonata and weapons are max rank, I'm going to try to farm for more Tellurium. Hopefully I can finish them both by the end of next week, sooner if you guys can donate some as well.
  10. I assume you probably removed my character and if not, feel free to do so. I rarely play anymore due to real life stuff and when I do it's only for an hour or two so I'm basically just clutter on the roster.
  11. Haha, I finished the shield restore! Still have 118 samples too.
  12. How many more Fieldron Samples do you need Robo? I've got quite a pile.
  13. Hehehe, awesome! My Aegis Avenger and I are ready for launch. Can't wait...
  14. So I've been wondering for a while, but which subgroup would "grey" mercenary work fall into? I was thinking TNP since "grey" mercs accept money from anyone for any type of job, but what do you guys think?
  15. Been playing some PS2 in my free time lately and I've noticed a rather large increase in no outfit, low BR, players playing TR. And I gotta give it to them, they are determined little buggers! I helped defend Andvari Barracks on Esamir against them for almost an hour today and in the end they actually capped and held the base against us. I wish I had been recording it because it was so awesome, they gave us a really nice fight! Here's hoping we'll get to see some more nice fights from TR in the future!
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