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  1. We could pull like 6 ggs... welcome
  2. all hail new gotr signed Garglemonger DA DC +
  3. On #5 If a game is not scheduled, I would even argue that there are no 'core players'. If we want a consistent game, we need to schedule a regular time every day/week/time increment where we play for X hours. Other than that, I generally agree with most of this, but mainly as a set of guidelines rather than some kind of absolute binding agreement. Despite being one of the more antagonistic/Machiavellian players, I generally don't like eliminating players outright in almost any game... although if other players want to do that, they should have the option if they think they are prepared to deal with the consequences in terms of in-game mechanics and player reactions. I think you guys are taking the whole 'You can hotjoin if you die so its fine' thing too easily though. Sure you can, but to a new, most likely weaker space-race that you don't really have any connection with up until that point. And god-forbid people take grudges across from their old empire into their new empire AKA meta-revenge.
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