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  1. Sakata

    Would be great to have a new Mod Server...

    There are a few issues with mod servers that I've learned. A) You set up a server, everyone gets on, then they bail before you get bugs ironed out. Too many people running servers at once. Person X gets a server up, then person Y runs one, people are split up which aggravates (A), or causes a similar effect. C) It takes a fairly beefy computer and bandwidth to run a server. The last one I helped with had really nice specs, but then (A and happened and then it was like 5 people that got on. D) The 5 people left get bored and leave cause no-one else is on. E) If you are the one that administers the server, you workworkwork, things get relatively stable, then you realize "all of the above" happened, then you get burned out cause you do this too many times. F) You get a job and work 60+ hours a week. Then you are all work and no play. LOL Yep. Sakata is still warm.... wife in hospital on and off (scary surgery coming up), and we're on a ramen diet till I get all these copays ... paid.
  2. Sakata

    Suggestions for Mod Server

    BTW, Emy -- what mods in Horizons did you like? I noticed Horizons is a super small pack (this server is overkill for it), but if I customize the pack it's fairly easy to get the mods you liked in there. Just no flippin' pokemon stuff
  3. Sakata

    Suggestions for Mod Server

    While I'd LOVE to stay on Monster as it includes everything and the kitchen sink, there is an issue. Problem with Monster is resolvable, but only if someone's willing (and able) to throw Tvol a bone. We're currently paying for 1526M, which can get crashy after a few hours with only me on it. The next tier is 2048M, and only 8 bucks more, but that is beyond what Tvol has spare, and my wife just got outta the hospital -- so now almost everything is out of budget for me for a while. Nice thing is that 2G would be pretty darn nice, as my testbed indicated: With no player logged in, fresh install/world, I saw 1221M usage. With a player logged in for about 20 minutes idling at spawn, server usage was up to 1336M. Keep in mind this is on my personal test-server, which I've optimized to use as little memory as possible while still being able to run. On a host, you've also got to figure out what the overhead is (which is something that they never tell you). The old host seemed to take around 500MB of RAM just to run. The new one uses around 300MB. So if you add those to the numbers above, our starting use is 1.5G, and one someone logs in, server memory is at 1.6G (over limit). The issue on the server is that after a little while of plopping a few machines down, testing mods/interactions, the server gets around 1.6G (which is over our limit - the host seems to allow 'burst memory' for a certain amount of time but then it forcibly removes the memory if not released [probably when another server needs it]), and then the server starts spewing OoM errors, CPU usage spikes at 800%, then the server takes a dump. SO, I'll see about getting Unleashed on there for now. If Tvol tells me that someone's helping pitch in, I can easily put all the messy glory of Monster back in
  4. Sakata

    Suggestions for Mod Server

    Updated the poll. You may need to delete your vote and re-vote. Figured it makes more sense now.
  5. Sakata

    Suggestions for Mod Server

    Actually after dicking around with this for ages, I've pretty much figured out that Monster is just plain out not viable on a server without throwing some serious quid at it. RAM usage is off the charts, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. Just too many mods. I'm thinking that Unleashed looks mostly good. About to load it up on the test server, and test the craziness that is RAM usage.
  6. Sakata

    Suggestions for Mod Server

    Also, I'll add the DireWolf20 pack to that list. Reasoning: It seems to be the most supported and stable of those packs for 1.6.4 Even though I despise that dude (loooong story involving mod development and stuff), his pack generally stays more stable than others, and while I'd add a few things to it... yeah. Might even keep IC2 (gasp) if its in there (if we use DW20). I know so many people have complained that they like it, and they don't know how to use the other mods. Me and Tvol hate it for admin reasons, and the seemingly never-ending, stupid, "I can has UUmatter?" that it introduces.
  7. Sakata

    Suggestions for Mod Server

    Hey there. Before I start, one statement: PLEASE -- read and discuss before voting! Hopefully I get two polls in one... would be nice. While I love having a paid server that actually runs like it should (especially now, the new host is awesome), I also realize that this is something that is being PAID FOR, and if people aren't playing it, the money is essentially going to benefit only a few people. So, two things: Who is actually wanting to play modded minecraft? What kind of pack do you prefer? I'm asking so I can determine if the reason people aren't on is due to lack of interest (so I can tell Tvol to cancel the whole thing) or because people are wanting something that is missing or the pack up now is too overwhelming. I can put together quite a few packs. I tend to use FtB for the configs, but the mod will be distributed with the Technic launcher for technical and logistics reasons. Personally, I like the pack that we have up now. Worldgen is different, and there are times when it generates something really nice, and it is a change from the sometimes good, mostly weird generation that the vanilla generator has. The mods are generally stable, haven't had any obvious design mess-ups that aren't generally easy to get around using one of the other mods, which gives even more stuff to learn and play with. The one currently loaded is the FtB Monster pack with a few changes: IC2 removed -- Mekanism in its place. Reduces crashes and general bugs caused by IC2 that have been present for a VERY long time. Dimensional Doors added: -- Gives people some exploration opportunities (at great risk of death), and also allows people to have a personal "Pocket Dimension" instead of making a load of Mystcraft ages. Translocators added: -- A small utility machine that gives people a way to manage a chest early and late-game. Even if you don't have a specific mod pack or anything that you like, please vote yes/no if you are actually interested in playing on the server. I hate that Tvol has been generous enough to pay for a server for people to use, but so far only I have been on it with any regularity, basically just to set up a starting area.
  8. Sakata

    GOTR Modpack Server Guide - Take Two

    Okay, aside from a few minor hiccups, the server should be coming up any moment. Actually scratch that, server is up (though its saying we're over memory limit... hrmm 127%??) Uploading the new modpack, complete with awesome. The pack has the new server IP already included, and I've also updated the configs and mods to the latest I could grind away and find.
  9. Sakata

    GOTR Modpack Server Guide - Take Two

    Just a heads up. People can now start the client and the connection details are already in the pack. I did this because it is one less thing to look at while trying to get on the server. So now, you can just download the client, and join straight in. If you choose to use the DNS (if it works for you) then you will want to always connect via that server listing, so that the map will always work for you. On another note, - TVOL, the DNS still isn't resolving. Not sure why. Shows up as "registered", but several DNS WHOIS servers don't show an IP registered. MCPro might need to be taught how to properly register DNS names
  10. Sakata

    GOTR Modpack Server Guide - Take Two

    Since we're using FtB Monster as a base, and they just did a fairly massive update.... https://feedthebeast.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PML/Monster+1.0.10 Looks like there may be another slew of updates. I'll make sure to have a backup -- and a backup of that -- before I work on pushing any of this. Some of the options sound like they'll make new terrain ugly.
  11. Sakata

    GOTR Modpack Server Guide - Take Two

    Also, today was my birthday. Yay, I'm even older... And I'm getting legally married the 12th. Yay. I'll get around to asking if COFH can do per world oregen, if someone is kind enough to remind me tomorrow. If all else fails, I could try seeing if there is a pre-generation mod or Bukkit plugin for vanilla, get the test server to generate some insane world area for a day or two, and upload that...
  12. Sakata

    GOTR Modpack Server Guide - Take Two

    Problem is no mcpc. Possibly doable with forge essentials. On another note, COFH's config may have a per world bit to it, but not all mods seem to adhere to it's override. Also, I found out that mine painter was indeed the reason for the falling through the world issue a few us were having. We have micro blocks, so things still work out. Once we get MPS going with jet packs, I might ask taxixat to do a Vanu and GotR logo at spawn, which we can screen shot for the forums.
  13. Sakata

    GOTR Modpack Server Guide - Take Two

    Okay, this is gunna upset a few people... though I did warn that until things are marked stable, this would probably end up happening. Sorry Xenik, Taxi, Gecko, etc... Galacticraft has to be removed. In trying to get Taxi back from the moon, it corrupted the entire world -- it actually tried to re-gen the overworld as a moon! Bad mod... bad! The good news is that since everything went to shit, it gives me the perfect opportunity to update a TON of mods, and re-sync it with FtB official (aside from IC2's obvious removal, Mekanism, DimDoors, and Eplus's addition). Hopefully, once this is updated and uploaded, you can use the knowledge you've gained the first time through to build more functional, better stuff. As for the guys that wanted to possibly join the server without having to play mods, you can still do so -- but the oregen discussion we had unfortunately is technically not do-able. If you join the world, you'll have to live with the geostrata and other mods' ores and other blocks. Nothing I can do about it due to the way that the world generator works. I will, however, attempt to make a system where you can drop off un-wanted stuff, and 'trade' these mod blocks for their vanilla counterparts.
  14. Sakata

    GOTR Modpack Server Guide - Take Two

    For those of you seeing the server offline, there was a bunch of migration and crap done by the host. Personally I wish they'd do crap like that at night, but they tend to do it mid-day. Server is back up and running again, not sure how long it was down cause I had the joy of working a double shift today :| Also if you're having issues, check this out: http://www.internethealthreport.com/ Apparently North America's backbone ISPs are failcascading today.
  15. Sakata

    GotR Custom Modpack Server - Discussion

    Okay. Me and Tvol talked about it, and figured a central GotR account would be the best route to go. So, unfortunately we also had to create a new Technic launcher pack link. UNfortunately, we can't edit the main post, nor can I figure out how to make an 'article'. New pack is at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/gotr-modded.251126 Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/gotr-modded Might go ahead and make a new thread for this.