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  1. Posting this here from the TS channel description just in case the channel gets purged
  2. I've played this game for a while, I love monotonous gathering, just jumped back on this week since the launch still having fun.
  3. Personally I may not be able to make raid on weekends often as I'll be working at my bar till late, but I know that is a me problem
  4. Whatever was/is going on tonight sucked, I assume it was some sort of inter-outfit ops but I couldn't tell. TeamSpeak was silent with communication happening in-game even though all of us were in the TS channel, this was a problem to begin with as I usually have ingame voice turned off. Someone called PrincessAiko was apparently leading but was simply complaining about squad composition and being passive aggressive talking about how much they hate Vanu. Then we had to form a second squad within the platoon but PrincessAiko was still using ingame squad chat to communicate which left myself and others in the other squad left out of the loop. I got annoyed at PrincessAiko's passive aggressive comments and then with the lack of use of TeamSpeak I got annoyed and left in style. Hopefully when whatever this is ends GOTR will be back to normal and I can play some PlanetSide
  5. Hanii

    H1Z1 Becomes Two Games

    I think you would actually enjoy the whole Battle Royale thing Gem. @shaql some changes on SteamDB, two new appid's and a new package containing them: https://steamdb.info/sub/94370/apps/ I assume one is live and one is test for king of the kill.
  6. Hanii

    H1Z1 Becomes Two Games

    I'm monitoring SteamDB for any appid, depot or package changes. Trying to get infos out of Tom too but he's not revealing anything yet!
  7. Daybreaks other game H1Z1 is being split in two, the Battle Royale (last man standing) mode is being spun off into its own game called H1Z1: King of the Kill. Daybreak have also registered a trademark for PlanetSide: King of the Kill too. What does everyone think, will they make a new PlanetSide spin off based on the concept of Battle Royale or are they just covering their bases? http://www.trademarkia.com/planetside-king-of-the-kill-86891751.html
  8. H1Z1 is splitting into two separate games, the split is happening on February 17th 2016. H1Z1: Just Survive will be the zombie survival game and H1Z1: King of the Kill will be the Battle Royale and other "competitive" modes. They have also abandoned any plans to make the game free-to-play. Currently the game is on sale $15, after the split each game will be individually priced at $20, anyone who owns the game or buys it before February 17th will get both of the games after the split. Account item inventories are being cloned when the split happens, any items you own you will then own in both games, but the inventories will then operate independently from then on. This is interesting news which personally I am all for, the development teams are being split so each game can grow at its own pace, you can read more about this here: https://www.h1z1.com/news/just-survive-king-of-the-kill-game-split-february-2016
  9. Hanii

    Release date?

    It probably has at least another year in the oven, it's nowhere near to the standard that people expect it to be, especially in comparison to other games in the genre.
  10. I have a tamper down in I9 (crescent reach) over the well, and an ATV stashed on Gravelands.
  11. I'll try and be in the H1Z1 channel on TS when I'm playing or not playing anything else important. If I'm in there but muted poke me, I'm usually there just doing other stuffs. I'm checking out Gravelands again right now to see that the server is like now-a-days. I'm up for giving it another go, there was a wipe a few days ago.
  12. Hammer plays on a PVE server atm, I also play there and on The Stronghold whitelist PVP I'm interested in getting a group together for some 5-play Team BR's too.
  13. I have to agree, I never wanted such a strict rule on KOS but their slowly coming around to my views, I haven't played the game much in general recently, but I hope I can rally everyone together again when they finally implement both the clan system and group building permissions in October-ish and we'll setup on a public server, maybe see how Gravelands or Persephone are doing these days. I have the last bits for my new PC coming on Monday so hopefully won't be lagging out every few minutes too lol.
  14. Hanii

    Team BR?

    I'm waiting for two things, my new PC and the group building permissions before I rally y'all back together, so looking like October :/
  15. Hanii

    Whitelist Server

    We announced the server a couple of hours ago and have over 200 followers on twitter, I dread to think how many applications we will get http://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/comments/377om9/the_stronghold_the_first_h1z1_community_whitelist/ As I mentioned before, any GOTR members who want in get a queue jump
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