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  1. Sorry I haven't been on a lot in the last two months. I've been on medical leave from work, and returned to work last week in time for the 100 degree heat. The house I'm renting in Nebraska doesn't have AC so it's way to hot to game on the computer. I will be dropping in on the discord channel to say hello.
  2. You could also hook your laptop up to a monitor if you have an extra one. Some TV's come with the socket. Playing on a 4K tv is awesome.
  3. Shoot has it been that long already, time sure flies when your having fun. I wish everyone who has been here since day 1, and anyone who has joined since a Happy 15th Anniversary. I have enjoyed playing with each and everyone of you. I will be on vacation from the 15th to the 27th of May so I will miss the fun that Robo has planned for you. Have fun, and go GotR.
  4. If congress doesn't get their **** together I may be able to play a bunch more.
  5. Since it's new account you'll have to look for Beowulf1979 instead of my old monicer Beowulf 1961.
  6. Beowulf1961

    I'm back.

    I knew I should have taken a left at Sigma Draconis, not a right like Lucid said. I broke down and reinstalled the game. Unfortunately with the problems that I had with my password not getting recognized no matter how many times I went through the reset process I had to create anew profile so I'm starting over at level 1.
  7. I loled. That was great team work and he was just fixated on the target in front of him. If you're not watching your six it will get shot off should be the lesson he learned, but probably not. Just dropped in to say hi and let you guys know I'm still out here.
  8. Oh this goes all the way back to PS1. I'm firing arty and my best bud who just so happens to be Laylos is spotting with a laser on some enemy targets in a base we are attacking. I get "fire three rounds for effect" three seconds later "hold fire". sorry rounds are already incoming. Wiped out a platton of GoTR as they run into the base. 3 day ban.
  9. Beowulf1961

    Just Joined

    You forgot "have fun" again old dog.
  10. Time fly's when your having fun. A lot has happened since my last post (Sony went to Day Break). The company I was working for was having financial difficulties and laid off 80 percent of us including me an than went belly up. I went back to college and earned my BS in management. Now I have a new job working for the Forest Service and I'm living in Nebraska. When I'm not working I'm a professional Alpha/Beta tester for new games, and I also play MWO, WOWSNS, and Armored Warfare. I never have been able to get daybreak to work so I haven't play PS2 since the move. Hope everyone is doing well..

  11. Hello Robo, and fellow ghosts, Well working for the feds is fun but it's the end of the fiscal year approaching. I will be busy with end of the year stuff until 1 October, and than we will start with the new fiscal year stuff after that so I will not be playing games much until sometime in October. I still havent decided if I'm going to start a new PS2 account since the move to daybreak it won't accept my user name and password anymore and it was under my original PS account which email no longer exists so they cant verify my email. The response from daybreak was well we can send an email to your registered email account even after I explained to them the email account no longer exists (morons). So I will have to just stay on an extended sabatical from planetside. Laylos should be married by now and I send my congradulations to him and his new bride.
  12. Well on top of everything else thats happened since the move to Nebraska not being able to log into my PS2 account with the move to Daybreak games I have decided to take a leave of absence. I will be rebuilding my desktop this week. Since it is the end of the federal fiscal year I will be to busy to devote time to gaming for the next month or so (Till 1 October at least) while we get all our end of the year shit done.
  13. Beowulf1961

    New Job

    Halsey is in the middle of the sand hills half way between Grand island, and Alliance so I'm pretty remote. On the good news front I get my furniture (the rest of my computer to) delivered tomarrow Saturday the 11th of July. Which means My LOA is officially over after this next week hoozaa. I have a buddy named Jeff who lives in Omaha, Memorial day at his house was a blast. Military guys, BBQ, Beer and Guns it doesnt get any better than that.
  14. I don't know maybe because I've been around as long as Laylos and they felt sorry for me.
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