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  1. BP! Notice me!

    1. BlackPhlanx


      Sorry, I really don't visit the website anymore.

  2. New track is up: "Particulate Frequency"


  3. New track is up on my SoundCloud entitled "The Run".     The Solaris Effect

  4. New track is up on my SoundCloud entitled "The Run".     The Solaris Effect

  5. I'm officially back for PS2 Operations effective immediately.

  6. OMG 60'f are you even REAL???

  7. Pretty good weekend so far!

  8. Getting my second set of earrings this weekend.

  9. And new Pc build will be ordered VERY soon. *squeeee*

  10. Day 84: Really starting to love my life, despite minor problems.

  11. Day 37: And so begin some more physical changes. =)

  12. Day 24: Apparently my company insurance SUCKS... $5500 deductable???

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    2. BlackPhlanx


      This will get taken care of pretty fast as I will be going for blood labs every 3 to 6 months for the time being and they run $600-1,000 for the lot.

    3. CasualCat2001


      Yeah don't care for the new high deductible plans, but that is the way things are going. First kid we had under a HMO, and the hospital bill was a $100 copay, next kid under a different plan was thousands of dollars. Not sure why they become popular given the low rate of savings for the average American. You can pretty much guarantee most aren't going to have the annual out of pocket max sitting around. The plans are really only cheaper in comparison to non-high deductibles t...

    4. Laylos


      Its become the standard because low deductible plans with copays a more expensive now for companies and Americans a like. I think my sister pays something like $900 a month for a copay/low deductible plan for family, while I pay something like $450 a month for family.

  13. BlackPhlanx

    SC1.3 on PTU

    Ugh thank you CIG!!! No longer will clip through the hangar floor and then fall for eternity when I get out of my Gladiator!
  14. Day 15: Still cannot believe how wonderful I feel and how everything finally feels "in line". =)

  15. BlackPhlanx

    Star Marine CitizenCon Teaser

    I'm going to watch it after it's been uploaded. Today is a cider-fest and fire pit later tonight.
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