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  1. Koop notice me! 😈

  2. Back in the saddle again. CONGRATS Mister Snazzy on your promotion to 555th CO!! And I'm back on Command Staff as the 555th's XO.

  3. Beepy


    LATE reply. It's fine, RL comes first remember? And no AC sounds really rough to game in!
  4. BP! Notice me!

    1. Beepy


      Sorry, I really don't visit the website anymore.

  5. I'm looking for a new one actually. With far less hours. I don't have any time to myself with all the OT they want and honestly, it's not worth losing the time with friends and family. I get maybe a day a week, and that is (usually a weekday) spent doing things around the house. So morale has suffered, sleep has suffered. Think it's time for an industry change. I miss yall.
  6. I just wanted to take this moment and issue a sincere apology to GOTR and especially the 555th itself. Lots of things have changed over the last 1.5 years, I've changed, job situations, living situations, personal tastes etc. Ya'll know how it goes, life right? When I was promoted to Division Commander of the 555th I brought nearly 6 years of experience and an even-keeled personality. I came to PS2 (and back to GOTR) as just a foot soldier like most of you, a dedicated combat medic. Over the years I steadily worked my way up the chain of command under Loco Coyote and quickly became someone that was a "go to", someone that was dependable and always around for the community members and the division. So when I agreed to the promotion of DC to run this division, I knew what I was getting into. I knew we were short-staffed, burn-out was setting in for most of my senior officers and I still decided to shoulder the extra weight and push ahead just out of dedication. All of this changed last year when the game just stopped being fun for me after last spring. I can't complain with 3,442 hours invested into this title, but the direction (or lack thereof) by the "devs" is largely what turned my experience sour, especially after Smedly. Last September I got a new job, one that pays well, but unfortunately leaves you little time for anything else. I work 12hr shifts for P&G / DB Shenker as a reachtruck operator. Often pulling 36 hours in 3 days, so by the time I get home at 715pm I really don't have any energy to do anything but eat dinner and go straight to bed for the next shift. It was after this that I basically disappeared entirely from operations without much of a peep out of me. I don't know what was said in my absence, I'm sure most of you don't have any idea who I am because I'm never on TS anymore nor in-game. It was never my intention to just up and abandon you folks without a reason, because, yes, I'm still technically responsible for you all. I owe Robo and the command staff a huge thank you (and a hug) for stepping up and filling the gap after my departure. I have had the privilege of seeing the 555th in its glory days, fielding 100 people to ourselves and stomping everything that was thrown at us. The hilarious and memorable quotes from people that were blurted out during raids, the good times, and yeah, even the bad ones. Its been quite a blessing having made so many friends in this community, including those I've met in person and get to see yearly. A great many of you I love like my own family. I'm sorry, this really isn't way I saw things going, nor was it the way I wanted them to turn out, and it still bothers me quite a bit. I can't promise you much attendance in PS2 (at least for the immediate term), but I can promise you this however... If there is ever a Planetside 3, or this titles gets new life. I *will* be back for it. Even if I have to work my way back up the chain. Best wishes to everyone, happy hunting. /Salute -Beepy 555th Division Commander
  7. Ok, so I'm following yet receiving zero notifications of new posts... interesting... As Robo said, no worries, your life events are Priority 1 here, everyone has had their share of having other plans that need to happen before raid, sick in bed etc... See you soon!
  8. I've been rather unhappy about most of this patch, which is a direct nerf to our operations. Especially when getting farmed by ESF's that can engage and then run before significant damage is returned by infantry. So, either we get sneakier and employ mass-ambush tactics with heavy hitting dumbfire rockets, mines, C4 etc... or something has to change overall to adjust to this patch. Honestly I don't know what the devs were even thinking. Infantry has enough issue as it is dealing with airpower...
  9. If hot-dropping as a "suicide squad" with mins and C4 is your thing... I would talk to Dubman or Gem about potentially joining Vengance. They are a Valk-oriented hot-drop squad tasked with quick armor elimination from the air.
  10. Hiya Arc! Welcome aboard the 555th for starters, and no worries about the holiday ok? Anyhow, I will mention that we are mobile infantry and tend to bounce from target to target rather frequently using Galaxies around 98% of the time. We get into the thick of things, including hot Gal drops. So plenty of trigger time to be had by all for sure! Glad to have you with us and see you soon! /salute -Beepy
  11. Greetz! Welcome to GOTR Waddles! I'm "Beepy", the Division Commander of the 555th Death Angels. Mister Snazzy and Edeep and Nullfunction are on my staff of officers. Everyone here should be able to help you out with any questions you might have.
  12. Pillar 0 remember? Hurry back when you can, but by all means do what you need to do.
  13. It's perfectly fine! Pillar 0 hun, things are going to happen that you have no control over. See you soon!
  14. Well you reported him, so wait and see if you run into him again, and if it happens again.
  15. Beepy

    Hello 555

    Welcome aboard Firehawk! If you are fresh to the game, there are plenty of Veteran players that can show you the ropes. Medic is a great class with steady XP earning and lovely AR's. Questions etc are welcome so don't be afraid to ask. See you Thursday.
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