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  1. As many of you know Planetside 1 is shutting down effective July 1st; It will be the end of an era that has been in our outfit for along time. GotR has many deep-seated roots and memories in the game; From last-second re-secures to base captures thought to have been impossible we have fought in the dirt and grit of the Auraxian battlefront time and time again. We've seen it all - Leadership changes, death in the outfit, outfit merges and splits, inter-outfit competition/camaraderie and even the occasional disciplinary action. And we survived it all. Today GotR fights in more than just the Auraxian theater: TERA, Black Desert Online and Star Citizen are undoubtedly only going to be the tip of the iceberg. So as this era of GotR comes to a close I'd like to say it was an honor to fight alongside and serve with you guys on the battlefields of Planetside 1; I look forward to joining you in Planetside 2 and other games as they come and go. And remember, Technology Equals Might! - MechWarrior001, 555th Death Angels
  2. The Vive also has a knob on the right-hand side that adjusts for your interpupillary distance. If it wasn't set to your IPD then the resulting blurriness may have been contributing to your disorientation.
  3. It's possible they didn't setup the Lighthouse base stations properly; You need one on opposite sides to create a rectangular area. Setting them up side-by-side like in a stereo speaker configuration does not provide adequate tracking.
  4. So I can't disable the on-board sensors and just use it as a replacement for a 3D monitor?
  5. So wait the OR is basically just a monitor mounted on a headband, right? Does that mean if I take an older game (Eg Deus Ex) and run it through the OR will it still display in the 3D without any input from it or just not display at all?
  6. MechWarrior001


    MISC Endeavors are starting to sound like the civilian equivalent to a Bengal carrier; At least as far as spawns and mobile homes go anyways.
  7. Couldn't you just combine the logic and have the flight deck with an overhead shutterlock? That way you maintain the advantages of the flight deck but still able to launch all at once; Instead of dropping down every ship just thrusts upwards and goes.
  9. I thought GOTR was all about Origin Jumpworks though?
  10. So what happens if we stumble across on a derelict Bengal? Are we planning on obtaining or keeping one?
  11. Speaking of organizations have we considered forming a "public services" org? Now that the MISC Endeavor has been been announced perhaps we could run a player hospital or other public service to help generate funds for the group.
  12. Right here. If you already own a copy of the COA or Starter Kit box those will work too; Actually I think any edition of the retail disc set will work.
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