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  1. alexlaw

    GotR interest in Albion online

    @robocpf1 Let me know if you startup, I know several of our friends are playing it.
  2. alexlaw


    This has gone through 2 different guild startups in gotr history. There may be people who still play it however.
  3. alexlaw

    Viable market hubs

    both main and alt are in the immediate area. Got a vexor fitted.
  4. alexlaw

    Viable market hubs

    App was submitted, waiting on approval
  5. alexlaw

    Standard Dual-logi for Frig Fleets

    I also have decent logi skills, and have flown logi before. Count me in, will work on a build now.
  6. alexlaw

    Viable market hubs

    For strategic purposes, outside of any infraction on gotr policies, I would like to keep my alt free of corp for this exact reason. Can't be wardecked if you're not apart of a corp that can be. Also it allows for unaffiliated spying. I have no problem listing the name or letting people know who the alt is, but again, for sakes of grabbing a freighter or a jump freighter for that matter. This will also give the oppurtunity to carry more freight if we need more. Without fear of it getting blown up. My 2c Edit: for clarity as I think you misunderstood, this is all on a secondary toon, on a secondary account, completely independent of my main. Hes industrial. So that being said I can make significantly larger runs if need be at 0 risk. Edit 2: I didnt know the t2 cargo ships had fleet hangers, so count me in for having those up to lvl 5 as well.
  7. alexlaw

    Viable market hubs

    So fitting my first ship in this area the prices are ALL over the place. Whats the closest stable market hub or do you guys just pipe it from one of the capital systems? Edit** Also opportunity, I'm certain that someone here has a jumper. However, for sakes of something maybe a little cheaper, I have 2 capable toons that can run ity 5s with fully expanded cargos. I am capable of making runs for any much needed cheaper supply runs. Edit2** Upon further inspection of my alt toon, he is apparently in the "capable of freight jumping" area. Short of money, obviously, he can start jumping as soon as I get him in the area.
  8. alexlaw

    No Man's Sky

    Unless something changes with the friends system, its a stretch calling it an mmorpg eh? Sure it can host alot of people, but getting to those people....
  9. alexlaw


    I support this message
  10. alexlaw

    (ESO) Elder Scrolls online

    For anyone interested the game went on sale today 60% off coming to 24 dollars. Catch me on teamspeak or reply here if you want additional details!
  11. alexlaw

    (ESO) Elder Scrolls online

    Good Afternoon All! Skyforge will be having a large sum of players, somewhere around 12 people that plan on picking up ESO come the sale between the 26th and 30th. I believe at 60% off it will be somewhere in the 25 dollar range. The game is buy to play with no additional subs after the initial. Almost everyone involved will be starting brand new with no previous knowledge of the game. Supposedly with the newest xpac that was released it fixed alot of whatever problems it had upon launch. We welcome anyone who wants to check this out with us to send me a message. I'm on TS nightly. Our short term goal is to get everyone on the same page and to try to get a GoTR (guild?clan?pantheon?Outfit?) established. Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/306130/ Caption: Finally, beginning on Thursday, November 26th, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will be on sale for 60% off through Steam, the Xbox Game Store, the PlayStation®Store, and our store at http://account.elderscrollsonline.com/store. This includes both the Standard Edition and Imperial Edition of the game, and is only available until Monday, November 30th!
  12. He seemed tired at times, also his hands had a noticeable shake . Dudes amazing though hes got an amazing voice.
  13. alexlaw

    GotR interest in Albion online

    I'll take a look.
  14. alexlaw

    A-1 Distortion

    The entry level "advanced" raiding for pantheons only has now successfully changed from untried to "farm" status!
  15. alexlaw

    Switching groups

    Name: Immortal Legion (IL) Skyforge focused pantheon Started: May 2015 http://immortallegion.net/ General Rules NO harassment or discrimination of any kind will be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to criteria such as: race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or political views.This can and will result in immediate dismissal, and is an exception to the 3 strike policy. Be polite, rudeness is unnecessary and will not be tolerated. Don't be a troll, this makes you and the rest of the group look bad. Try to be active, if you are going to be inactive for a period of time please let an officer know. If you are asked to join TS3 for an event or raid, please do. People have the right to decline invitations if you refuse to join TS3. Remember you don't have to talk, it just makes it easier if you can listen. We operate a 3 strike rule, 3 strikes and you are out. Alot of their rules match our pillars. Reason for change: Progression. Details: We will be absorbed by a larger more active pantheon in order to sustain progression. This move assists us in completing content with the help of the other pantheon. (IL) does have their on voice comms but will be used primarily for grouping. Their larger number of players in our range will allow us to more easily handle progression. We are only taking this route because other routes have been extensively exhausted. Recruiting on a consistent basis has yielded very low amount of players. It appears many pantheon-less players are in self preservation mode. They either don't want a pantheon or they only want the very large pantheons. The playerbase is very low so our selections are also low. Absorbing other pantheons is an option however many people don't want to give up everything they have previously built. Starting a new pantheon with another group would essentially shoot ourselves in the foot at the loss of resources. A player account will be left behind, likely an alt account or an old standing gotr member to retain the pantheon to insure if we need to go back to it, at which time the playerbase allows it, we can do it with fluidity. (IL) seems like a valid choice at this time but may change depending on conversations and opportunity. Number of users affected: 18 Number of users agreed to following action: 18 Keep in mind this is all preliminary research and nothing is set in stone at this time.