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  1. Halsoy

    Got room for one more?

    Ssssh, don't feed robos ego! He's about to explode as is
  2. Halsoy

    Time to think about moving...

    That is clearly duped. But I like it
  3. Halsoy

    Fort GOTR, Mk.I - Cranberry Apartments

    THe dew collectors does in fact work. They do give you dirty water however. But the good thing is that it just auto fills bottles, making it less of a hassle than the wells.
  4. Halsoy

    Links Incoming

    Here's a new map btw. The funny thing is, it has loot spawns and water wells marked, but see where there's a water well missing on the map? Yeah, we live there. Not sure if the well isn't supposed to be there, if it's not in the database or if it's dependent on people actually exploring it. In either case, we seem to be well hidden. http://www.h1z1db.co.uk/map/
  5. Not sure how useful this would be, but I've been working on various forms of cranes. Mostly for moving stuff about once put down, just in case it can't mvoe on its own. So, apart from the various rover designs I decided that I needed a craneplane. Or, a planecrane? Iduno... Anyway, here's a screenshot: It comes with a fully functional 360 degree rotating, pivoting and extendable crane, with a winch of course. In addition, the plane has reverse thrusters for, well, reversing. Or, to be used as brakes upon landing if you need to land in a tight spot. It also has legs that can be deployed for stability if you are lifting heavy objects. And by the way, if you feel absolutely nuts, why not take your catch for a ride? http://www.kerbalx.com/crafts/850
  6. Halsoy

    Enemy on Deck!

    Welcome! Also, fyou! I just had a session of PS2 and the damn tardery that is the airhammer bruh! Don't know how many times I got killed the the Dargons, but it was quite a few. Didn't help that AC was playing as NC as well, making it a general bitch to be infantry Maybe I'll seek revenge by 'forgetting' to decelerate when approaching one of your vessels? j/k - or am I?
  7. Haha, thanks Well, I've gotten 30km+ with enough fuel to land. If all you do is going straight up full throttle.
  8. Made myself a Jetpack. It's usable in atmosphere and microgravity alike. It also has a docking port jr. for docking. http://www.kerbalx.com/crafts/735
  9. feel free to nuke the Duna Station if you have to. I can always move it in after the fact. I've noticed issues with it even in the plain builder in .9, so I might have to rework the entire craft from scratch anyway.
  10. Figured I could start a thread like this. Find anything interesting on KerbalX, or built something cool? Share it here Here's my first entry, it's a Star Wars inspired POD racer designed for racing close to the ground. http://www.kerbalx.com/crafts/704
  11. Halsoy

    KSP Forum Bar

    Here's a lightly edited version, this any better?
  12. I'd be down for this me thinks. I'm fairly capable at the game, so I'd enjoy it
  13. Halsoy

    Kerbollo Program

    Taking off from Kerbin, heading for Minmus on a manned mission. Burning escape velocity. Circularizing around Minmus Lander separated for... landing Testing gravity. For science of course. Not for fun. For science! Science was wrong. It is not made of pure mint. It's a sad day for Kerbin kind. But that doesn't mean we can't smile for picture. SCIENCE! And finally, after multiple mission... bugs (lander totally didn't run out of fuel and the docking procedures totally didn't fail!)... we are home
  14. Rejoiced that we found ruins on Kerbin, mission control decided that we needed to explore the planet surface at greater detail. One brave pilot was issued a copy of the experimental aircraft to search far, far north. He dozed off at the controls since it was a long flight. When the instruments screaming at him "TERRAIN! TERRAIN!" woke him up, he noticed something that stood out after he managed to pull the craft out of a steep dive. Seeing that it was solid, deep black, it warranted a closer inspection. Exiting the aircraft, the pilot felt compelled to have a closer inspection. Now the question remains. Is this proof of Dunatians?
  15. During a test flight of a new prototype atmospheric aircraft, a brave Kerbal saw something shiny in a desert mountain range. Getting closer it is revealed that there are structures there! Kerbals at the KSC are all shocked, as there were no notes of these in existence! KSC "gently encouraged" the pilot to attempt a landing at the site to get more information. He was also "kindly asked" to explore with the rover on board. After the first attempt at landing, KSC decided that they would need to rethink the landing gear design for such rough terrain. And the pilot was... no longer fit for duty. The second attempt at landing was successful. The rubble is to be ignored as that "never happened" according to mission briefing. It was a weather balloon. So, missiong to explore the structures are a go! It's pyramids! Plural! What are the hidden tales behind these buildings? Maybe we will never know...
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