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  1. Hi Exia, Firstly, if you're on Discord, you may want to check in over there. Most of us are far more active on Discord than here on the forum. Secondly, regarding the colossus, we don't have permissions exactly worked out yet. Right now I'm allowing people to pull them during certain ops if they can be properly supported and if the person has invested merit into upgrades. I or other officers can temporarily promote you (or the person asking), allow them to pull, then change your rank again. Right now only SLs and above have the permission to pull a colossus. Robo
  2. robocpf1 Outfit Leader PorkPuller Outfit XO, Vehicle Commander robocpf1 (acting) "555th Death Angels" Infantry CO MisterSnazzy "555th Death Angels" Infantry XO Champagon "Phantom Guard" Armor CO (blank) "Phantom Guard" Armor XO Sarmanikan "Phantom Guard" Armor SL Feledryn "Wind Wraiths" Air CO Keravyn "Wind Wraiths" Air XO Meatball1 "PEST" Team CO nullfunction "PEST" Team XO DaDubman "Vengeance" Drop Team CO GZekko "Vengeance" Drop Team XO ReaperOfSouls "SHADES" Recon Team CO DRTAC7 "CASPER" Close Air Support CO
  3. Update: 3/14/2020 GOTR members, by default, choose to join one of our "main platoon" units - Infantry, Armor, or Air. We also have three more specialized units that support the outfit in different ways. "PEST" is a group of skilled infantry players that focuses on rapid response and defending distant GOTR territory when it is under threat and the main GOTR force is elsewhere. PEST opens secondary fronts but also joins the main infantry target when needed. "SHADES" are individual operatives attached to other units to provide recon for the platoon or raid leader, initiate back-caps, deny enemy vehicle terminals, provide on-demand AA or AV, and serve as either snipers or embedded infiltrators. "Vengeance" is our air-to-ground Valkyrie demolition team. Their primary objective is to seek out and destroy enemy spawns, particularly deployed Sunderers. Vengeance also provides on-demand capture point drops to allow the infantry to make pushes at vital times or to keep capture points contested to hasten capture time. These units require specialized skills and heightened teamwork, and as such they have restricted roster sizes and special tryout conditions. If you are interested in joining one of these units, please contact the unit CO or XO to schedule a tryout. In addition to skill, members must mesh well with the team - unit commanders have the final say of whether to invite members to join. Rapid Response - "PEST" 1. Meatball1 2. nullfunction 3. Edeep 4. Alonick 5. Swampfox / WhatDoesTheFoxSayNow 6. CasualNoob 7. Xulor 8. Muirgheal 9. 10. 11. 12. Infiltrator, Recon, and Sabotage - "SHADES" 1. ReaperOfSouls 2. DRTAC7 3. Reignman83 4. 5. Valkyrie Drop Squad - "Vengeance" 1. Geminosus 2. DaDubman 3. Hexabus 4. Haxta 5. CryoLizard 6. Axentor 7. TheCandyMan88 8. Gzekko 9. Hanii
  4. Greetings Ghosts, For the past several days, I've been talking with the other officers about changes I'd like to make to our division structure to better accommodate our current numbers and interests in-game. This is the current state of the proposal, I'm currently opening it up to wider discussion, but this is the direction it looks like we want to go in. Please feel free to comment here or send me a PM on the site or on Discord. Thanks! 1. "Special Teams" with rosters Divisions, right now, are essentially open to anyone - that is something we want to keep. However, we only have around 40 people online during raid, and maybe 20+ on Monday, about a squad+ other days. Our division structure is no longer supporting 100+ people and it's becoming burdensome to use it as an organizational tool. We are considering dissolving the "divisions", have everyone as "Ghosts", but have rosters up of teams of specialists - PG, WW, V, and maybe SHADES, to start. 6-12 spots each, with the caveat that if someone wants to jump in and play with that team on a particular night, they can certainly do so. The "Roster" will be made up only of people that are willing to drop whatever they're doing and deploy to that role - "drop everything and pull a scythe" , "drop everything and pull a tank" - a more on-demand version of what we already do but without the overarching division structure. Further, no guarantee that the team will even be deployed - otherwise, you're with the main platoon doing main platoon things. Each roster will feature a few Leaders for that unit that can be called on to rally that unit when needed (probably current divisional officers). This makes things simpler for 90% of the outfit and puts the burden of worrying about division structure only on the people that want to fulfill those particular roles - and they're likely already doing that now. The rosters can be edited easily, I'm not concerned about administrating that, I can do it myself if need be. This also streamlines our recruiting process for 2018 and forward as players no longer worry about choosing a division - they join the main platoon and if they are interested in one of the Special Teams, they can ask about it and join up. 2. Rank changes Right now GOTR officer ranks are dependent on your division and your place in that division - Division Commander, Executive Officer, Tactical Officer, and so on. I propose a simpler system, below. We can decide on flavor text for the ranks later, but functionally the new ranks would be: OL Platoon Leaders Squad Leaders Members Recruits I will give Squad Leader ranks to literally anyone that can competently lead a squad. Platoon Lead ranks are a bit harder to get and are essentially a mix of what DCs and other high command ranks are currently. 3. "Leadership Team" As I've mentioned in the past, however, just because you can lead a squad or platoon, that doesn't infer you can make outfit-level policy decisions. Maybe you can, but it's not a direct correlation. There will still be a few spots on this so-called "leadership team" that I will designate to help me with outfit policy, and these people can stay on this team even if they're inactive. I want to gather as much high-level PS2 knowledge into this team as possible, a cadre of experts, former DCs, and the like. People with a combination of leadership skills and game knowledge. These people form the core of GOTR's policymaking and actual community leadership in PS2, regardless of their activity in-game to lead squads. This is an out of game rank, probably on Discord and the web site, similar to the Eidolon Council, but only for PS2. Tying it all together Example: During Ops nights, particularly Thursday, people are in the Main Platoon. Vengeance is up if they have at least 4 people. WW is up if they have at least 3 people. PG is, by default, not up unless they have interest (like currently). If the units don't have enough people to operate, they just roll with Main Platoon, even if they're still in their Scythe or tank from time to time. We get stuck in to a big lane fight around an AMP station, and we have tech. Raid Lead determines that we'll be on this lane a while, calls for anyone on the PG roster to mount up. We get 2 tanks and a bus online. We're now at around 28 infantry, 4 tank users, 1 bus, 3 scythes, and 4 in Vengeance = 40, around what we have on a raid night now. I'd appreciate feedback on this new system as we consider the finalized approach. Robo
  5. @BlackPhlanxThank you for your service to the outfit, BP! We're here if and when you make your way back to Auraxis, I think all of us understand the burnout you're feeling. Sorry for the late reply, I need to start checking the forum more often again! -Robo
  6. I know this is a SUPER late reply but thanks, @Thardus Without members like you, there is no GOTR. Glad we're still able to keep it fun for everyone 15 years on! -Robo
  7. Sounds like we have some Lua and Kuva to do, that's good. Nice to have goals!
  8. Edeep has made the excellent suggestion of a weekly "wishlist" - during our weekly events (currently Monday and Friday nights, 8pm Eastern) we focus on both "clan/group objectives" and also like to help members with any individual objectives they need assistance with. Reply to this post with at least one "wish" - one as your primary goal, but then feel free to include others so we can flesh out our schedule. Please include a day (either Monday or Friday) that you think you'll be online. There may be some overlap, which is great. Once we have some entries I'll make the list itself. Like so: Robo's Wishlist (Monday) Primary: I could use some help getting my missing Ember Prime parts. Secondary: Index runs for money, fissure runs in general, map completion on Pluto+, and MUTAGEN SAMPLES.
  9. Ghosts! The Emerald InternsalSmash event is on Saturday, February 10th,, at 8pm Eastern time (5pm Pacific). We will be playing VS on Hossin, on a restricted two-lane map from Mulac tech to Zotz bio lab. Please sign up if you can make it! I need 12 signups, including me. Be ready to play tactical, both as infantry and in ground vehicles if called upon. Feel free to sign up, just reply here. If you're not sure you can make it but are interested, say you'd like to sign up as a reserve. 1. robocpf1 2. nullfunction 3. ALandWhale 4. AllohaSnackbar 5. Advarium 6. Azrealyuu 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Reserves: 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.
  10. An hour, or just 30 minutes, whatever you can do. I'll be on around an hour early.
  11. I'm interested, I wish to participate, but I have work and studying interfering with my play schedule.
  12. It's super not in PS2, I would discourage this. Count me in, at least on the periphery.
  13. Ghosts! The Community Smash event is on Saturday, Jan. 6th, at 4pm Eastern time (1pm Pacific, 9pm UTC) The smash will feature VS vs. TR vs. NC, roughly 120 players each (360 total) on Indar AMERISH. (updated 2018.01.01) We are playing VS under the leadership of Jeucoq from 1TR and our platoon will include VREV and BWC. Please sign up if you can make it! I need 6 or 7 signups, including me. Our squad will also include a few non-GOTR, I will put their signups up separately. Our squad will be 11 or 12 between GOTR and "friends of GOTR". This is NOT a ServerSmash, it is far more casual, but we will of course be playing tactically as always. Anyone who is familiar with the game, GOTR ops, and has been in the outfit for a while will be allowed to participate. Feel free to sign up, just reply here. If you're not sure you can make it but are interested, say you'd like to sign up as a reserve. 1. robocpf1 2. Advarium 3. nullfunction 4. Nihil 5. DRTAC7 6. Eska 7. ALandWhale 8. Ford213VS 9. vlinkar 10. fasterdenyou2 11. AllohaSnackbar Reserves: 12. Ford213VS 13. Azreal 14. Beowulf 15. 16. 17.
  14. GOTR Chat - hosted by Discord How do I access the GOTR Discord? Guests can access our public chat channels through this link: https://discord.gg/Dq4fZht I'm a GOTR member. How do I access all of the GOTR Discord? You must link your gotr.us account to your Discord account in your account settings here on the web site. The easiest way to do this is as follows: If you don't have a Discord account, create one. If you do have a Discord account, log into it with your web browser. It doesn't matter if you have the client running or not, you have to be logged in through the same browser you use to access our website. If you're already logged into Discord, for safety LOG BACK OUT OF DISCORD IN YOUR WEB BROWSER, THEN BACK IN. The most common problem GOTR members have is linking the wrong account from our website to Discord. Log in to your GOTR account here on this web site. Click your username in the top right corner of the page, then go to Account Settings. Go to "Link Your Discord Account", click the big button, and you should automatically be given access to the server. If you do not see that you are linked, keep everything open but also click this link (https://discord.gg/Dq4fZht). This is the public link, and will not give you any permissions beyond access to the public text channel. If you've completed the other four steps in this list, however, the server will see that you have an account and permissions and fix everything automatically. Are we using Discord for voice? No, we aren't. TeamSpeak will remain GOTR's voice program because we need many of its advanced features, which Discord does not have. There will be a "Help" voice channel in Discord for members to get assistance with setting up TS3, and that's it. We are using Discord for text discussion, push notifications, mobile app, and other powerful tools that are helpful for our community. What's up with my nickname on the server? Can I change it? We know that members typically use a few different nicknames, and these can change from game to game, community to community. As a GOTR member, your friends (and the officers) have gotten to know you by a particular name. We can't keep up with ten different names for everyone, GOTR has hundreds of active members and that would be chaos! Your nickname on the GOTR Discord server should match your name on the GOTR web site, the handle you use in-game, and the handle you use on TS - consistency helps us all remember who's who. If you have decided to go by a different username permanently, change your name on the website under Account Settings and it'll sync to Discord automatically. Talk to an admin if you need any help. What do I have access to? As a GOTR member with a linked account, you have access to everything on the server - all text channels and basic permissions. The only exceptions are the admin and officer channels. As a guest or "public" user, you have access to the Help voice channel and the #welcome, #guests, and #recruitment text channels. Whether you're a friend of the outfit or a GOTR member trying to fix their permissions, don't hesitate to reach out and say hello, plan a Joint Op, or ask for any assistance you may need. Can I use @everyone or @here pings? The short answer is "probably not". There are already many active members in GOTR's Discord server and until Discord allows us to suppress receiving these notifications, it means that outside of muting the whole server, you're going to get these pings in nearly every channel when they are used. We have restricted the use of @everyone and @here to three groups of people: Eidolon Council - these are our community directors and branch leaders, you should be familiar with them by now. IT Crowd/Admins - our TS, web site, and other tech admins have this power in order to alert members of changes, maintenance, outages, etc., in any GOTR service. "Branch Officers" - these are the GOTR members running game branches "on the ground". Head PS2 officers, Warframe Event Leaders, Minecraft admins, and other similar personnel will have access to these pings in order to notify their groups of events and scheduling. These pings are to be used sparingly, as necessary. If you have an announcement you'd like to use the special pings for, ask an officer and we'll discuss it. What are "group" pings? In the #announcements channel, scroll up to find @shinything's message about opting in to group pings. We have several server groups such as PS2, Warframe, and GOTR Meetups - instead of using @everyone or @here, we can @PS2 or @Warframe to only ping members of those groups that have opted in. These are generally used for event notifications, patches and game updates, planning for raids, and the like. With these more controlled server groups, you won't have any irritating pings for groups you aren't involved with. What do we use Pinned Messages for? What is the #announcements channel? Right now, we're using Pinned Messages for both event notifications, important informational posts, and announcements. Pinned messages are per-channel, which means there will be different Pinned Messages in the #planetside2 channel and the #destiny2 channel, and that's on purpose. The #announcements channel is used for notices for the entire community, so we ask that you not mute or suppress that channel. We don't use it often, and you'll usually need to see the information we post there. Do I have to stay up to date with every channel? There are a lot of them. No, you don't have to keep up with every channel! Pick the ones you like. If you know you don't care about a particular game or channel, just right-click it and "Mute". This will stop you from getting most notifications in that channel. If someone does a direct @ tag with your name or an @everyone or @here tag, you may get a ping. If you find more interest for that game in the future, simply right-click it and Unmute. It's a great feature. Can I request a new text channel? What about NSFW? Yes, we are absolutely open to new text channels - as long as there is some interest in the subject of the channel, whether a new game or some topic for the general section, we will make a channel. However, there will be no explicitly NSFW content or channels on any GOTR service - we're a family-friendly community.
  15. Warframe guys, get in on this!
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