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  1. Hi Exia, Firstly, if you're on Discord, you may want to check in over there. Most of us are far more active on Discord than here on the forum. Secondly, regarding the colossus, we don't have permissions exactly worked out yet. Right now I'm allowing people to pull them during certain ops if they can be properly supported and if the person has invested merit into upgrades. I or other officers can temporarily promote you (or the person asking), allow them to pull, then change your rank again. Right now only SLs and above have the permission to pull a colossus. Robo
  2. robocpf1 Outfit Leader PorkPuller Outfit XO, Vehicle Commander MisterSnazzy "555th Death Angels" Infantry CO (blank) "555th Death Angels" Infantry XO Champagon "Phantom Guard" Armor CO (blank) "Phantom Guard" Armor XO Sarmanikan "Phantom Guard" Armor SL Feledryn "Wind Wraiths" Air CO Keravyn "Wind Wraiths" Air XO Meatball1 "PEST" Team CO (blank) "PEST" Team XO DaDubman "Vengeance" Drop Team CO GZekko "Vengeance" Drop Team XO ReaperOfSouls "SHADES" Recon Team CO Thecat8413 "CASPER" Close Air Support Crew Chief DRTAC7 Air Traffic Control (ATC)
  3. Greetings Ghosts, As we approach the winter holiday season and in the wake of an incredible recent Dev Stream, I wanted to put out a quick update about the state of our Planetside 2 division going into December and the new year. Check out the headings below to read the info most relevant to you. Recent Dev Stream For anyone that missed it, Planetside 2 will soon have DirectX 11, which should give "around a 20% FPS increase" to most PC builds running standard settings, and that may increase depending on other settings changes you make. Further, DBG is releasing a new playable race to Planetside 2 - "NS Operatives", which function as mercenaries hired by the three factions. NS Operatives change allegiance to the underpopulated faction upon each switch to a new continent and can only use NS gear. In addition, we learned more about Oshur (the next continent being added to the game) and new alert types with new, exciting rewards for players to enjoy. Longer summaries of the dev stream can be found on the PS2 subreddit and elsewhere, or check out the recording on twitch.tv/planetside2 - feel free to ask for details in GOTR Discord. GOTR Ops Schedule and Ops Leads In the face of these fantastic upcoming additions to the game, GOTR leadership has begun implementing a few structural changes to the outfit in PS2 to help us continue to grow and remain a recognizable, helpful force on Emerald VS. -Several months ago, we retired our formal "division" structure in favor of more on-demand "special teams", allowing platoon leaders greater freedom and flexibility in choosing which teams to activate on any given occasion, instead of forcing platoons to run groups that may not fit the fight at hand. -With many former officers going inactive (though hopefully some will return in view of the upcoming changes) we have begun promoting a new group of ops leads to provide quality squads and platoons to GOTR members during the week. Our plan going forward is and will remain simple: ops leads will choose what kind of squads they wish to run, and players will choose which ops they would like to participate in - as a reminder, all GOTR ops are optional, but highly recommended. You may have noticed me pushing this new updated ops schedule, featuring armor on Mondays, tactical infantry on Tuesdays, air on Wednesdays, the combined arms Thursday Night Raid, and a very recent reinstatement of the Sunday Fun Raid. This is thanks to several new squad leaders who have stepped up to help me run squads during the week. In particular, and in addition to the established GOTR squad leaders, I would like to give a special thanks to Champagon, Feledryn, MisterSnazzy, La5eR, Keravyn, and Eska, who have been instrumental in getting the new ops off the ground. We will continue to use Discord for notification pings to help members adjust to the new schedule, but most ops will start at 8pm eastern time - the Sunday Fun Raid tends to start slightly earlier at 7:30pm eastern. Upcoming Live Event Additionally, I've made an effort to make GOTR more involved in community events and coordinated VS Emerald operations - there is an upcoming Live server event on Friday, December 7th, starting at 8pm eastern time, which will feature heavy coordination between not just our friendly VS outfits, but opposing outfits on NC and TR as well. During this event all of the involved outfits will brawl over a specific area of the map at the same time, creating huge fights that haven't been seen in a long while. We are looking forward to putting together a few squads of GOTR to participate. I hope to see you all there! Robo
  4. Update: 3/14/2020 GOTR members, by default, choose to join one of our "main platoon" units - Infantry, Armor, or Air. We also have three more specialized units that support the outfit in different ways. "PEST" is a group of skilled infantry players that focuses on rapid response and defending distant GOTR territory when it is under threat and the main GOTR force is elsewhere. PEST opens secondary fronts but also joins the main infantry target when needed. "SHADES" are individual operatives attached to other units to provide recon for the platoon or raid leader, initiate back-caps, deny enemy vehicle terminals, provide on-demand AA or AV, and serve as either snipers or embedded infiltrators. "Vengeance" is our air-to-ground Valkyrie demolition team. Their primary objective is to seek out and destroy enemy spawns, particularly deployed Sunderers. Vengeance also provides on-demand capture point drops to allow the infantry to make pushes at vital times or to keep capture points contested to hasten capture time. These units require specialized skills and heightened teamwork, and as such they have restricted roster sizes and special tryout conditions. If you are interested in joining one of these units, please contact the unit CO or XO to schedule a tryout. In addition to skill, members must mesh well with the team - unit commanders have the final say of whether to invite members to join. Rapid Response - "PEST" 1. Meatball1 2. nullfunction 3. Edeep 4. Alonick 5. Swampfox / WhatDoesTheFoxSayNow 6. CasualNoob 7. Xulor 8. Muirgheal 9. 10. 11. 12. Infiltrator, Recon, and Sabotage - "SHADES" 1. ReaperOfSouls 2. DRTAC7 3. Reignman83 4. 5. Valkyrie Drop Squad - "Vengeance" 1. Geminosus 2. DaDubman 3. Hexabus 4. Haxta 5. CryoLizard 6. Axentor 7. TheCandyMan88 8. Gzekko 9. Hanii
  5. Greetings Ghosts, For the past several days, I've been talking with the other officers about changes I'd like to make to our division structure to better accommodate our current numbers and interests in-game. This is the current state of the proposal, I'm currently opening it up to wider discussion, but this is the direction it looks like we want to go in. Please feel free to comment here or send me a PM on the site or on Discord. Thanks! 1. "Special Teams" with rosters Divisions, right now, are essentially open to anyone - that is something we want to keep. However, we only have around 40 people online during raid, and maybe 20+ on Monday, about a squad+ other days. Our division structure is no longer supporting 100+ people and it's becoming burdensome to use it as an organizational tool. We are considering dissolving the "divisions", have everyone as "Ghosts", but have rosters up of teams of specialists - PG, WW, V, and maybe SHADES, to start. 6-12 spots each, with the caveat that if someone wants to jump in and play with that team on a particular night, they can certainly do so. The "Roster" will be made up only of people that are willing to drop whatever they're doing and deploy to that role - "drop everything and pull a scythe" , "drop everything and pull a tank" - a more on-demand version of what we already do but without the overarching division structure. Further, no guarantee that the team will even be deployed - otherwise, you're with the main platoon doing main platoon things. Each roster will feature a few Leaders for that unit that can be called on to rally that unit when needed (probably current divisional officers). This makes things simpler for 90% of the outfit and puts the burden of worrying about division structure only on the people that want to fulfill those particular roles - and they're likely already doing that now. The rosters can be edited easily, I'm not concerned about administrating that, I can do it myself if need be. This also streamlines our recruiting process for 2018 and forward as players no longer worry about choosing a division - they join the main platoon and if they are interested in one of the Special Teams, they can ask about it and join up. 2. Rank changes Right now GOTR officer ranks are dependent on your division and your place in that division - Division Commander, Executive Officer, Tactical Officer, and so on. I propose a simpler system, below. We can decide on flavor text for the ranks later, but functionally the new ranks would be: OL Platoon Leaders Squad Leaders Members Recruits I will give Squad Leader ranks to literally anyone that can competently lead a squad. Platoon Lead ranks are a bit harder to get and are essentially a mix of what DCs and other high command ranks are currently. 3. "Leadership Team" As I've mentioned in the past, however, just because you can lead a squad or platoon, that doesn't infer you can make outfit-level policy decisions. Maybe you can, but it's not a direct correlation. There will still be a few spots on this so-called "leadership team" that I will designate to help me with outfit policy, and these people can stay on this team even if they're inactive. I want to gather as much high-level PS2 knowledge into this team as possible, a cadre of experts, former DCs, and the like. People with a combination of leadership skills and game knowledge. These people form the core of GOTR's policymaking and actual community leadership in PS2, regardless of their activity in-game to lead squads. This is an out of game rank, probably on Discord and the web site, similar to the Eidolon Council, but only for PS2. Tying it all together Example: During Ops nights, particularly Thursday, people are in the Main Platoon. Vengeance is up if they have at least 4 people. WW is up if they have at least 3 people. PG is, by default, not up unless they have interest (like currently). If the units don't have enough people to operate, they just roll with Main Platoon, even if they're still in their Scythe or tank from time to time. We get stuck in to a big lane fight around an AMP station, and we have tech. Raid Lead determines that we'll be on this lane a while, calls for anyone on the PG roster to mount up. We get 2 tanks and a bus online. We're now at around 28 infantry, 4 tank users, 1 bus, 3 scythes, and 4 in Vengeance = 40, around what we have on a raid night now. I'd appreciate feedback on this new system as we consider the finalized approach. Robo
  6. Greetings Ghosts! A few weeks back I sent an email announcing a very special event - GOTR's fifteen year anniversary as a gaming community, and coincidentally the fifteen year anniversary of the PlanetSide franchise. If you didn't get that email, it may have gone to spam. Please read below and spread the message to any GOTR or former GOTR in your contact lists, we'd really appreciate it. Even if you don't feel that you're an active member of the community, we'd love to have you with us for these special events. And bring your friends! 15 Years of Raiding Here's the quick version: Next week on Thursday, May 24 and Friday, May 25 at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific, midnight GMT), Ghosts of the Revolution will be celebrating our 15th anniversary in gaming by raiding in Planetside 2, VS Emerald as always. Expect every division to be activated as long as there are interested members online: infantry, armor, air, and special ops. Thursday night will be a traditional divisional raid and we hope to do the same on Friday - one of the only times in GOTR's history we've raided two days in a row! That's pretty great. We're expecting some other outfits and communities to join in on the fun, there will be plenty to shoot. There is also double exp gain in Planetside 2 for all players, all week, starting today, Friday May 18 and running to Friday, May 25 - if you're a subscriber to PS2, you'll get quad exp next Friday (May 25) because that double exp will stack with the "members only" double exp weekend running next Friday to Sunday. That's a lot of certs! Raffle Details and Prizes There will be a RAFFLE to help us raise a bit of money for GOTR's expenses - the TS3 server, game servers, web site hosting, and the other hardware and software costs associated with running our community. 100% of this money goes back into the community, as usual. In addition to the raffle, you can always donate directly, but we don't like asking for that - so this way, you have a chance at winning a video game instead! You can buy raffle tickets in the GOTR web store (you will need to be logged in to see the raffle tickets). Winners CHOOSE ONE out of the "pool" of prizes they purchase a ticket for. Feel free to buy multiple tickets in multiple pools. All games are for PC and will be sent via a Steam code, except Destiny 2, which is a Blizzard/Activision code. The drawing will likely be done sometime on May 31 or June 1, you do not need to be present to win! We'll reach out via discord, email, or whatever contact info we have for you. The "Big Game" Pool: $5 per ticket, but $4 per ticket after you buy 2 Destiny 2 Quantum Break Killing Floor 2 Warhammer End Times: Vermintide God Eater 2: Rage Burst NBA 2k17 The "Strategy/4X" Pool: $5 per ticket, but $4 per ticket after you buy 2 Sid Meier's Civilization V Sid Meier's Civilization VI Stellaris Offworld Trading Company War40k Dawn of War III War for the Overworld Total War: Warhammer "Classic Other Games" Pool: $1 per ticket Tomb Raider BlazBlue Nex Machina FTL: Faster than Light The Sexy Brutale Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Who's Your Daddy Shoppe Keep Clustertruck The Final Station (plus The Only Traitor DLC) Project CARS Roller Coaster Tycoon: Deluxe Train Simulator Rebel Galaxy Prison Architect Kentucky Route Zero SW: Battlefront 2 (Classic 2005) Primal Carnage Jalopy Ruiner Running with Rifles Lara Croft GO Laser League Subterrain Moon Hunters Lost Castle NBA 2k16 WWE 2k16 NBA Playgrounds Finally, remember that you can visit us anytime on our Discord server (instructions here) or on Teamspeak 3 (address: gotr.us, password: sovereignty555), or here on the web site! We look forward to seeing many of you attend! Regards, Robo, GOTR Community Leader
  7. @BlackPhlanxThank you for your service to the outfit, BP! We're here if and when you make your way back to Auraxis, I think all of us understand the burnout you're feeling. Sorry for the late reply, I need to start checking the forum more often again! -Robo
  8. I know this is a SUPER late reply but thanks, @Thardus Without members like you, there is no GOTR. Glad we're still able to keep it fun for everyone 15 years on! -Robo
  9. Sounds like we have some Lua and Kuva to do, that's good. Nice to have goals!
  10. Edeep has made the excellent suggestion of a weekly "wishlist" - during our weekly events (currently Monday and Friday nights, 8pm Eastern) we focus on both "clan/group objectives" and also like to help members with any individual objectives they need assistance with. Reply to this post with at least one "wish" - one as your primary goal, but then feel free to include others so we can flesh out our schedule. Please include a day (either Monday or Friday) that you think you'll be online. There may be some overlap, which is great. Once we have some entries I'll make the list itself. Like so: Robo's Wishlist (Monday) Primary: I could use some help getting my missing Ember Prime parts. Secondary: Index runs for money, fissure runs in general, map completion on Pluto+, and MUTAGEN SAMPLES.
  11. Ghosts! The Emerald InternsalSmash event is on Saturday, February 10th,, at 8pm Eastern time (5pm Pacific). We will be playing VS on Hossin, on a restricted two-lane map from Mulac tech to Zotz bio lab. Please sign up if you can make it! I need 12 signups, including me. Be ready to play tactical, both as infantry and in ground vehicles if called upon. Feel free to sign up, just reply here. If you're not sure you can make it but are interested, say you'd like to sign up as a reserve. 1. robocpf1 2. nullfunction 3. ALandWhale 4. AllohaSnackbar 5. Advarium 6. Azrealyuu 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Reserves: 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.
  12. An hour, or just 30 minutes, whatever you can do. I'll be on around an hour early.
  13. I'm interested, I wish to participate, but I have work and studying interfering with my play schedule.
  14. It's super not in PS2, I would discourage this. Count me in, at least on the periphery.
  15. Ghosts! The Community Smash event is on Saturday, Jan. 6th, at 4pm Eastern time (1pm Pacific, 9pm UTC) The smash will feature VS vs. TR vs. NC, roughly 120 players each (360 total) on Indar AMERISH. (updated 2018.01.01) We are playing VS under the leadership of Jeucoq from 1TR and our platoon will include VREV and BWC. Please sign up if you can make it! I need 6 or 7 signups, including me. Our squad will also include a few non-GOTR, I will put their signups up separately. Our squad will be 11 or 12 between GOTR and "friends of GOTR". This is NOT a ServerSmash, it is far more casual, but we will of course be playing tactically as always. Anyone who is familiar with the game, GOTR ops, and has been in the outfit for a while will be allowed to participate. Feel free to sign up, just reply here. If you're not sure you can make it but are interested, say you'd like to sign up as a reserve. 1. robocpf1 2. Advarium 3. nullfunction 4. Nihil 5. DRTAC7 6. Eska 7. ALandWhale 8. Ford213VS 9. vlinkar 10. fasterdenyou2 11. AllohaSnackbar Reserves: 12. Ford213VS 13. Azreal 14. Beowulf 15. 16. 17.
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