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  1. robocpf1

    Planetside 2 Leadership Team

    robocpf1 Outfit Leader (blank) "555th Death Angels" Infantry CO MisterSnazzy "555th Death Angels" Infantry XO Champagon "Phantom Guard" Armor CO (blank) "Phantom Guard" Armor XO Feledryn "Wind Wraiths" Air CO Keravyn "Wind Wraiths" Air XO ReaperOfSouls "SHADES" Team CO (blank) "SHADES" Team XO Meatball1 "PEST" Team CO nullfunction "PEST" Team XO DaDubman "Vengeance" Drop Team CO GZekko "Vengeance" Drop Team XO
  2. robocpf1

    Weekly Event Wishlist

    Sounds like we have some Lua and Kuva to do, that's good. Nice to have goals!
  3. robocpf1

    Weekly Event Wishlist

    Edeep has made the excellent suggestion of a weekly "wishlist" - during our weekly events (currently Monday and Friday nights, 8pm Eastern) we focus on both "clan/group objectives" and also like to help members with any individual objectives they need assistance with. Reply to this post with at least one "wish" - one as your primary goal, but then feel free to include others so we can flesh out our schedule. Please include a day (either Monday or Friday) that you think you'll be online. There may be some overlap, which is great. Once we have some entries I'll make the list itself. Like so: Robo's Wishlist (Monday) Primary: I could use some help getting my missing Ember Prime parts. Secondary: Index runs for money, fissure runs in general, map completion on Pluto+, and MUTAGEN SAMPLES.
  4. robocpf1

    GOTR Discord FAQ

    GOTR now has a Discord server! How do I access the GOTR Discord? You can access GOTR's Discord server by linking your gotr.us account to your Discord account in your account settings here on the web site. The easiest way to do this is as follows: (1) Log in to your Discord client - keep Discord open. (2) Log in to your www.gotr.us account here on this web site. (3) Click your username in the top right corner of the page, then go to Account Settings (4) Go to "Link Your Discord Account", click the big button, and you should automatically be given access to the server. (5) If you do not see that you are linked, keep everything open but also click this link (https://discord.gg/Dq4fZht). This is the public link, and will not give you any permissions beyond access to the public text channel. If you've completed the other four steps in this list, however, the server will see that you have an account and permissions and fix everything automatically. Are we using Discord for voice? No, we aren't. Teamspeak 3 will remain GOTR's voice program because we need many of its advanced features, which Discord does not have. There will be a "Help" voice channel in Discord for members to get assistance with setting up TS3, and that's it. We are using Discord for text discussion, push notifications, mobile app, and other powerful tools that are helpful for our community. What's up with my nickname on the server? Can I change it? We know that members typically use a few different nicknames, and these can change from game to game, community to community. As a GOTR member, your friends (and the officers) have gotten to know you by a particular name. We can't keep up with ten different names for everyone, GOTR has hundreds of active members and that would be chaos! Your nickname on the GOTR Discord server should match your name on the GOTR web site, the handle you use in-game, and the handle you use on TS3 - consistency helps us all remember who's who. If you have decided to go by a different username permanently, talk to an officer and we can help you set that up. If your nickname has extra bits, like a bunch of x's or numbers, talk to an admin and we can simplify your handle. What do I have access to? As a GOTR member with a linked account, you have access to everything on the server - all text channels and basic permissions. The only exceptions are the admin and officer channels. As a guest or "public" user, you have access to the Help voice channel and the #welcome, #guests, and #recruitment text channels. Whether you're a friend of the outfit or a GOTR member trying to fix their permissions, don't hesitate to reach out and say hello, plan a Joint Op, or ask for any assistance you may need. Can I use @everyone or @here pings? The short answer is "probably not". There are already many active members in GOTR's Discord server and until Discord allows us to suppress receiving these notifications, it means that outside of muting the whole server, you're going to get these pings in nearly every channel when they are used. We have restricted the use of @everyone and @here to three groups of people: (1) Eidolon Council - these are our community directors and branch leaders, you should be familiar with them by now. (2) IT Crowd/Admins - our TS3, web site, and other tech admins have this power in order to alert members of changes, maintenance, outages, etc., in any GOTR service. (3) "Branch Officers" - these are the GOTR members running game branches "on the ground". Head PS2 officers, Destiny 2 Raid Leaders, Warframe Event Leaders, Minecraft admins, and other similar personnel will have access to these pings in order to notify their groups of events and scheduling. These pings are to be used sparingly, as necessary. If you have an announcement you'd like to use the special pings for, ask an officer and we'll discuss it. What are "group" pings? In the #announcements channel, scroll up to find shinything's message about opting in to group pings. We have several server groups such as PS2, Warframe, and GOTR Meetups - instead of using @everyone or @here, we can @PS2 or @Warframe to only ping members of those groups that have opted in. These are generally used for event notifications, patches and game updates, planning for raids, and the like. With these more controlled server groups, you won't have any irritating pings for groups you aren't involved with. What do we use Pinned Messages for? What is the #announcements channel? Right now, we're using Pinned Messages for both event notifications, important informational posts, and announcements. Pinned messages are per-channel, which means there will be different Pinned Messages in the #planetside2 channel and the #destiny2 channel, and that's on purpose. The #announcements channel is used for notices for the entire community, so we ask that you not mute or suppress that channel. We don't use it often, and you'll usually need to see the information we post there. Do I have to stay up to date with every channel? There are a lot of them. No, you don't have to keep up with every channel! Pick the ones you like. If you know you don't care about a particular game or channel, just right-click it and "Mute". This will stop you from getting most notifications in that channel. If someone does a direct @ tag with your name or an @everyone or @here tag, you may get a ping. If you find more interest for that game in the future, simply right-click it and Unmute. It's a great feature. Can I request a new text channel? What about NSFW? Yes, we are absolutely open to new text channels - as long as there is some interest in the subject of the channel, whether a new game or some topic for the general section, we will make a channel. However, there will be no explicitly NSFW content or channels on any GOTR service - we're a family-friendly community.
  5. robocpf1

    Warframe Saturday

    Warframe guys, get in on this!
  6. I've linked to Discord, but I have no way to connect to the actual server among the ones I am already subscribed to.

    It may be important to give an access link or permanent invite as well.

    1. robocpf1


      I'll look into it, thanks Pennybags

  7. robocpf1

    Post here for clan invites

    Invite sent!
  8. robocpf1

    New stuff in game

    I'm back from traveling, played some Plains tonight, PUMPED for this expansion.
  9. robocpf1

    [DTOP] Guild Wars 2 update

    Good, into the fold! @shinything
  10. robocpf1

    Post here for clan invites

    I've invited IANCK, but alberto92 needs to leave his current clan first.
  11. robocpf1

    GotR interest in Albion online

    I'm 100% looking at it, has potential, not sure if it will hold, but looks intriguing.
  12. robocpf1

    Post here for clan invites

    Done! He has an invite waiting now.
  13. robocpf1

    Post here for clan invites

    Katoblepas, I have you invited - crosen needs to leave his clan first.
  14. robocpf1

    Post here for clan invites

    I'll try to get you in today!
  15. robocpf1

    I've lost interest in EVE

    No problem! Most of us have lost interest. You never know if we'll gain interest again in a few months, it seems to keep happening. In the meantime, Warframe? Don't worry about deleting forum posts, regular members generally can't.
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