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  1. BP! Notice me!

    1. BlackPhlanx


      Sorry, I really don't visit the website anymore.

  2. Koopak

    Cleanign up the roster

    Recently a player was unable to be added to the clan due to us being filled and needing a mountain barracks. As a better solution than the penalties of a mountain clan i have removed nay members who have been inactive for 200 days. This is no different than when robo removes members in PS2 due to inactivity, when you come back to the game just ask for an invite.
  3. When i posted my request on the M50 they informed me not to worry they will be "available" in the future, i took that to mean they will be available for prepurchase since id expect an "available in-game" explanation otherwise.
  4. I was tempted by the the scout ship, if the sale is sitll there i might if they turn down my M50 request
  5. Koopak

    Stretch goals past $30 million

    Think about it, you are a smuggler, you have the fastest ship in the sector and haul the most precious and valuable cargo. What is the most valuable cargo? Information, you get high value intel from point A to point B without interception. Stealth and speed are your fortay. This could be anything but most information worth running by hand instead of risking FTL comms or radio is time sensitive. I.E. If you are a drug lord and you are looking to expand into new territory, learning of a competitor shipment route would be very valuable indeed, but only good till the shipment reaches its target.
  6. Koopak

    i find your lack of banner disturbing

    ermergerd, nyx
  7. ok that is slick Katallian, little rough looking but slick, reminds me of a full conversion mod for freespace 2 called beyond the red line, they even had the ability to kill the initial correction system and such in that, and had full voice acting, demo included a battle with scar from the show, the raider that was so badass, man he was hard to down especially with limited ammo. Space engies needs multiplayer to keep me at it. X-3 was so slow and hard to get into yet.. the new one is so tempting!
  8. Koopak


    Eh, NCsoft has shown a complete disregard to the North American market in recent times, and most companies at least attempt to appeal to the community even if its just for PR, NCsoft doesn't they run like a cold hearted machine, and to their merit, its often an effective business model, but i site that unlike PS1 or many other games that have been kept running in other companies, CoH was a successful, profitable, and growing business venture, but because the company wanted to "restructure their goals" they shut it down. Further they shut it down with little to no communication with their employees who had been working on the game believing all was ok till they came in to find an email waiting for them. Anyways ill stop hijacking the thread.
  9. Koopak


    ArenaNet is a subsidiary entirely owned by NCsoft, and they cant shut it down when GW1 was so successful and it is still their newest MMO and only title with a lot of clout they have ta the moment.
  10. Koopak


    I forgot this was an NCsoft title, i cant support it, personal issues with the companies policies. Namely their tendency to kill titles regardless of financial viability and North American community appreciation, they have established if its not successful in the east it gets shut down.
  11. Koopak

    Antimatter Warframe Concept (Pajamas?)

    itd be absurd for her not to be a nuker, the whole point of anti-matter is the fact that it annihilates when in contact with matter of the same make up. Big booms, i want big booms! as per the picture, i want to throw out tiny black orbs of antimatter and have them collide with grinner and the resulting explosion wipe out a platoon.
  12. Koopak

    Antimatter Warframe Concept (Pajamas?)

    keep in mind in a 2d format like this it can come off odd, rendered in 3d the pj thing will fade due to solid shapes with depth rather than creating an artificial width, Personally like it
  13. Koopak

    Tier 3 Defense / Good Resource Locations

    Might wanna put Jupiter on the salvage list, by far the best drops i get are on Jupiter defense missions
  14. Koopak

    The great race.

    Upon review of the energy requirements this will have to be postponed.
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