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  3. Tvol hit my main argument FroZown and trust me I want nothing more than to take the current weapons and make them a broad set everyone has, then add these new mechanics based weapons for flare.
  4. Recently a player was unable to be added to the clan due to us being filled and needing a mountain barracks. As a better solution than the penalties of a mountain clan i have removed nay members who have been inactive for 200 days. This is no different than when robo removes members in PS2 due to inactivity, when you come back to the game just ask for an invite.
  5. Well firstly, Halsoy, never fear, the melee update is next month i believe. Secondly, I certainly see the worry of adding weapons that just have a new mechanic but are otherwise normal, the issue is I want this first big suggestion post to be easy to do. The best idea for this in the world wont get on the devs to do list for a year or more if it isn't able to be done inside a couple months. That means avoiding wildly drastic mechanics. As for the VS mechanic, I have to disagree on the ammo thing Bravix, while in your average zerg deployment or other big battle, yes, you almost never have ammo issues due to engies and repeat deaths and re spawns, the longer ranged fights, and the smaller fights, i often find myself empty, sometimes completely so, having nothing but my knife left. Lastly, I am hesitant to suggest the devs do anything like removing existing weapons, rather I think its better to keep what there is and add more, of coarse with the caviot that each player would get one of these new weapons for free for each class. Also keep in mind this is just a weapons theme for the automatics, much more can be done with the current game engine without to much work, but this was intended to be a jumping off point. Furthermore I want a "first wave" of weapons that are easily made and easily balanced, with the second and third waves being more interesting but thus more difficult to make.
  6. So in my recent delving into forum side I have ended up teaming up with a group of people to create a large suggestion thread to over hall the current infantry weapons. While I agree there are more pressing issues, the time it will take to collect our thoughts and make this post clean will be sufficient for much of that to be handled, and no idea should be ignored. I'd like to use you guys as a place to bounce ideas off of and see what you think, please assume everything we suggest is balanced, I'm only going to give the short hand on all of this rather than raw numbers. Tell me what you would think of using these mechanics and having them used on you. Currently the idea is to either make all existing weapons (within reason) with Nanite System copies, or otherwise make it so all factions have their own version of the current weapons, this means T9 Carv and AC-X11 for us as either Vs version or NS versions, and Serpent and Polaris copies for the NC and TR. However, to bring flavor to the factions, each faction would have an array of weapons, at least 3 in each class initially, that follow the following mechanics. ESMDGs? (Empire Specific Mechanic Driven Guns, im open to other acronyms) VS: ESMDGs will use the heat system pioneered by the Phaseshift Sniper rifle, generating heat as fired, and dissipating it when not being fired. In theory this allows VS infinite ammo, in practice if the weapon over heats they will go through a long reload in which the heat sink is replaced, you will only carry a limited number of heat sinks, and would have fewer "clips" than the other factions, but would obviously be able to conserve ammo more effectively. This may or may not include allowing the user to short reload pre-emptivly. VS ESMDGs would have average fire rate, damage, basically what we have now, but with lower average bullet velocity (we currently have the highest if you ignore a couple of extreme low ends like the serpent) and of coarse no bullet drop. TR: ESMDGs will start off with competitive, average fire rates, but over continued fire will cycle up to a higher fire rate. They will be perfectly capable of winning a 1v1 from a stand still just as it is now, but will be more capable in extended engagements. The fire rate will probably return to normal over time rather than instantly. TR ESMDGs will have average damage and starting fire rate, and average projectile velocity (think what we have now) and of course will have the least Cone of Fire Bloom per shot but not so much as to make them ridiculous, just enough to keep them viable in medium ranges. NC: ESMDGs will have an energy mechanic to represent the charge of their rail gun's capacitor. They will start off with the highest velocity rounds in the game by magnitudes and will drain this energy pool with each shot, the lower the energy pool the slow the round will be (perhaps the damage will also change over time, one person has thrown together an extreamly balanced version of this.) This energy pool will recharge when the gun is not firing and coupled with recoil will encourage burst fire. NC ESMDGs will have high damage, low fire rate, and slightly below average velocity when charge id depleted, as well as the heaviest recoil. The goal here is to both differentiate the factions while also not alienating any play styles as the current system keeps players who prefer a heavy damage per shot marksman from being able to play anything but NC without giving up that play style. The same is true for someone who likes daka but doesn't wanna play TR
  7. I suppose it might be cathartic to tell my own story here. I don't have a happy ending yet however. As I said earlier, my issue is probably more about escapism than any direct compulsion to video games, in fact, what i seek more is social interaction, playing planetside or any game by myself only works if i can get wrapped up in the story really. Basically, my own issues comes down to an unwillingness to deal with stress, my response to a rough day, weak, or month is to spend increasingly more time disconnected from the rest of my life. Most recently this has come to be a big issue as I am dealing with needing to find a job so i can move out as i am soon to be kicked out of the house, attending to college who has not seen fit to disperse me min financial aid this semester, dealing with the fact that anything less than a good semester will revoke my FA and put me on FA suspension, dealing with personal issues with my mother and another woman in my life, and the fact that i have spent the last 3 months spending basically every other week driving to Lubbock as my grandfather was dieing (I wasnt particularly bothered by my mother was and i needed to support her) and well... Lubbock is about the closest thing to my hell, I have no real way to escape there so its just a constant press of stress. Through it all, all i want is to just play my game, hang with my friends, and forget it all, especially everything I cant do anything about, however this has inevitably led to me ignoring issues i could have solved till it was to late. For now, im just trying to drag myself out of this hole.
  8. Firstly, this is why I love this outfit, someone has just admitted to a condition that is so often LAUGHED at, and the response is overwhelmingly supportive. I will just say Tvol, I respect you man, but sometimes you bring literal details into things where its just a distraction no offense, its obvious yer heart is in the right place, just a thought. FroZown, I suspect you have, but if you haven't spend some introspective time and figure out WHY you find it so easy to be sucked in and why you have this issue. Understanding the exact reasons can do wonders for planning how to deal with it, for some its a compulsion due to a reward system, for others its pure escapism, for me its defonitly the latter, i have no "game compulsion" i have a compulsion for escapism to avoid the issues of daily life.
  9. 4shots for an esf.... i know thats a difficult shot but... lol? 12 for lib 21 for a gal, 1 full compliment of ammo without ammo belt also these are not at max range but the difference between max damage and minimum is small 650-500
  10. Tested the effectivness of the explosive rounds more thoroughly, results as follows, MAX: Body - 12 shots Head - 6 shots Better off with your primary rifle as 2 pulsar c clips will do this faster, however, if they have kinetic armor instead of flack armor, it is possible the explosive bolts will be better, further testing needed (anyone have maxed kinetic armor and flak armor on an max on TR or NC?) Prowler: Front - 30 shots Side - 27 shots Rear - 15 shots Slow, but for engaging armor at range when you arnt a heavy, its better than nothing, and remember, i'm encouraging group use of these weapons, if enough people purchase them it would be possible to use them as an effective anti - armor tactic. Not the least of which is support units being able to assist in a honey pot. Assuming that my information isnt out of date this should be the same for a magrider if you find yourself under fire by QCXs and vanguards should have slightly heavier armor to the front, perhaps 35 bolts? As for the value of recon dart ammunition, that's self explanatory i think. but i had a player tell me today he uses it on his light assault to scan a building before going in with his shotgun and it allows him to consistently clear out small squads solo.
  11. Hey DA, normaly id of brought this up in the officer section to be discussed by the officers before going ahead with the recommendation of certain cert and weapon purchases to you troopers, but this one is pretty strait forward and I have trouble seeing a viable counter argument. That said, DA in my experience has maintained a strict "no requirment to enter" policy and will remain so this is only a suggestion from a guy on the internet, so take it with a grain of salt. Ok ready? Here we go. Hunter QCX..... whoa whoa put the pitchforks down. Yes i know its a crossbow, and many of you will say that is the dumbest weapon ever in this game, and id agree with you if it wasn't this pulley based beauty that, most importantly, can carry explosive ammunition which is capable of lightly damaging and eventually killing tanks. The hunter QCX is a pistol, a sidearm, so it will likely not affect your play style much, i know many of us never even take out our side arm in the coarse of a raid. This means that your non heavy assault classes can carry the QCX as an anti-tank fall back weapon when that pesky tank column rolls over our face, and whats more the damage is respectable enough that 2-6 people using these can easily drop a MBT. Furthermore this weapon has additional utility of being able to have recon bolts instead that send out a motion scan pulse much like that of the recon detector dart gun of the infiltrator. This should allow heavies to carry a pocket motion scanner, and lighter classes to maintain SOME anti-tank options. You do give up a good fall back weapon for when yer rifle runs dry, but many just reload at that point anyways, and as long as you don't have recon ammo, you are more than capable of 2 shotting any player with this "pistol" to the body. Again this is just one guys opinion, but i think it would vastly improve DAs durability against armored units, particularly when we are engaged in CQC by them.
  12. Dont play casually enough anymore to really directly sign up, but you may always treat me like a databank
  13. Honestly iv found it relatively easy to out turn a missile if you cut your throttle then re accelerate, but you gotta get used to guessing the missiles location then.
  14. By time i was playing the caverns were more or less ghost towns, but what little combat i got there was exhilarating.
  15. When i posted my request on the M50 they informed me not to worry they will be "available" in the future, i took that to mean they will be available for prepurchase since id expect an "available in-game" explanation otherwise.
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