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  1. Fond Memories,

    Got to talking to guys at work about MMO's again.  then the escalation update hit steam and said why not.  so here we are and I am playing Planetside again.  my board game collection has grown a lot,  playing more euro style games now.  Vital Lacerda is a master of his trade with so many great medium heavy euros and  Fantasy Flight still holds many places on my shelves.  Working with swiss/lathes again,  star sv-38 is a great machine with 12 axis.

    Glad to be back

  2. Pestilents


    quick have the bunny pull some tp, lolol
  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/212160/ lol
  4. I would like to see more loadouts. 3 is just not enough. I would like to see 5 or 6 and they can make it a station cash/level unlock. I would also like to see a rearming station for vehicles.
  5. ha ha BURN........rubber
  6. insert some type of burn here that I am too lazy to come up with
  7. thats for the upcoming posted notes
  8. is there going to be any notes taken for that meeting? I will be at work when it is going on and would like to know what that plan is going to be. Thanks
  9. you have to remember what higby said aswell, they have to swing the pendulum around to see what works and what doesn't. also wasn't the resources high beta. and if an empire has a high pop then they can pull more vehicles. I agree with Koopak though, making the winning team stronger is backwards
  10. Pestilents

    HEY PG !!!

    lol, good times man
  11. Pestilents

    Pulsar C?

    no SF love, i have to have my smoke launcher
  12. Pestilents

    HEY PG !!!

    come on guys lets get along http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9Q7GISatW0
  13. Pestilents

    HEY PG !!!

  14. I will buy both, just need to know the sizes that we can get them in first
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