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  1. Loco

    Just Joined

    Heya ImikuA! Oddly enough, we're here for the exact same reason! Any help you need, just ask. We're here for you, welcome to GotR. See you on Auraxis! Loco
  2. Where you get your ideas from... IDK. I wish I had your creativity! Can't wait to see it!
  3. Just when I thought most people had shamed rocket primaries into using an actual weapon, this. I guess we'll be seeing a lot more rocket troopers in base fights.
  4. Loco


    Heya Super - Sly - Spy! btws... I see you! Welcome to GotR! For squads, hit your social tab and look for GotR squads. We have one up most of the time. Strength in numbers and more importantly, coordination! You can tick the box that identifies Outfit squads to find them easily. My advice is to start where most troopers start, that would be in the Infantry Division, or, "Death Angels." It's a good starting point to become familiar with how we do things around here. Once you get an idea for our operations, yes, transferring is as easy as letting both DCs know you're moving, just a professional courtesy, and off you go. We raid every Thursday night (tonight!) at 8:00 EST. Hope to see you on Auraxis, and again, Welcome!
  5. I think it's awesome you all want to lead public squads, and GotR is no stranger to to them. As Robo pointed out, we've been there, and that's why I wanted to jump in real quick with a few very important suggestions: Try to remember that even though it is a public squad, always think GotR first! Try to keep one squad GotR heavy; there's a reason for this, gimme a sec. Keep the PL as a GotR member - always... very important. You lose control the moment you lose PL, then the platoon is truly public In these public platoons, the leader of a squad that joined the platoon will likely leave. Ask them if they've passed off SL to someone, if not, GotR first, try to get a Goat from the GotR heavy squad to that squad and promote them to SL. We don't want to step on other outfit's toes, so if they've passed it on to a guildy, leave it. Remember to always be professional, and while these are great recruiting tools, actions speak louder than words. Show them what you've got, try not to sound like a time-share condo salesperson. If you see a good player, make it personal and send them a tell, but focus on the game first and foremost and let them draw their own conclusions. As I mentioned, people leave. if you take one thing away from these pointers, take this: If a GotR is in charge of an open squad, RENAME THE SQUAD BEFORE LEAVING. In PS1 it was different, however in PS2 it's still important. Players that are asshats are easily identifiable as to who they are, however if a greenie joins a GotR squad with no Goats, it still looks just a but lame. That's all I've got, hope I didn't kill you with tips... have a blast! Cheers and again, thank you for your initiative on this!
  6. Loco


    Hi Androssi! Welcome to GotR! We are here to have fun, and while we are semi-serious in ops, fun is always the objective (fun and the point, the objective is taking the point!). You get the point We have our big outfit raid every Thursday at 8:00 PM Eastern, please drop in and light assault all over the place! Death Angels tends to let players play to their strengths, although we might call for some special loadouts from time to time. See ya on Auraxis!
  7. This is so late coming, I'm sorry Jack. By the time this happened, I had already stepped out for a smoke, so to speak. I had quit too. You were an incredible force in DA, one of my best promotions. Hang with GotR, it's your gaming guild for life and definitely something to proud of. See ya on the Interwebs.
  8. I thought about cleaning up the TS channels tonight as well, but didn't want to over-step. And besides, heritage!
  9. Well done FEAR! We have Ops pretty much every night, and all of our Divisions and the entire outfit in off-hours operate on the level you saw tonight. Glad you could make it!
  10. Loco

    Herb Returning?

    Hey Herb, When I was 17, I tripped on a box that was stored under a conveyor belt return where I worked. I went to catch myself from falling, and my left arm went between the guard and the roller. My left hand fed into the roller and belt, and as I tried like hell to free my arm from the conveyor feeding my arm and watching my skin get peeled off from the guard, between the absolute panic moments, I thought my arm was about to get ripped off my body. Scared and scarred the living shit out of me, and I still have them today. Glad you're OK. See you in game and Welcome Back!!!
  11. Hey DW! When you get back you'll be well rested and ready to rock! See yas soon!
  12. Ghosts of the Revolution: Under the Wire and In the Nick of Time! Thanks all for representing!
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