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Clan Invites Via Discord

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While use of the old pinned invites comment is still feasible, as the officers tend to check fairly regularly, using the Discord server can also work fine. This can allow for a faster response most of the time.

Basically, Just head on over to the GOTR Discord server, and go down to the Warframe text channel (Voice is still in Teamspeak, as is the GOTR way). There, just put your Warframe username, and say that you would like to join the clan (in whatever words you feel like using). Feel free to mention me in the message.

Eg: Hey @ajcannon Can I join the clan? IGN: JohnDoe

Again, this is not required, nor is joining the GOTR Discord (though joining the discord will get you closer to the discussions), it is just a faster way of getting an invite.

TL:DR Go to #warframe in the discord channel, and put your IGN, with a message of wanting to join, to get an invite.

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