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Closers, anyone? (the game)

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I don't really know if anyone is playing MMORPG's in GOTR anymore, but a relatively new one is out and about. Its called "Closers" by en masse, and it is free to play.

 I don't remember exactly when, but the Beta finished within the past year (if you had twitch prime at the time, you might've seen the beta access they gave out a little before it ended), and I've been playing it quite a bit. It is a bit of a cross between a fighting game and an mmorpg, with an almost sidescroller feel to it. Basically, the game works with you controlling various characters (known as closers, hence the game's name), that function as the classes, around different stages either solo or in squads (I believe the regular is 5 or 6 man, though I have no-one else to play with and don't want a bunch of randoms, so I haven't played squads). The stages have multiple sections, and they are filled with enemies: kill the enemies, move on, repeat, get to the boss, end the mission. It is from a 3rd person perspective, as if you are watching from outside the map, I don't really know how to explain it, but it is a sort of diagonal perspective, where the floor is tilted. you control your character with the arrow keys and use most of the rest of the keyboard for your abilities, the mouse is mostly irrelevant except for inventory management and gear equipping (bit of a learning curve on the gear system, but nothing too major, especially for veterans. And I'd be willing to teach new people)

There is a guild system, known as crews, and I am willing to fund the creation of it if other people in the clan are interested. As I'm not in a crew right now, I do not know the specifics but there is an arena mode and a clan arena mode, so I figure there is probably group pvp. I am fairly certain there are Crew PvE events, and there is the added bonus of having other people to clear missions with.

Feel free to ask questions or put your username for an invite.

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