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Hi everybody.

Inigma recruited me to the KSP server even after my comment on the recruitment thread was, in a nutshell, "I'll have to think on it."  I still got a PM saying I was invited.  Good to know I was accepted to something I wasn't even sure I was going to apply to!


Anyways, on signup I thought, "Wait a minute, this is the same GotR that is a regular pest to my Planetside outfit!"

I am a card carrying, Gauss SAW toting New Conglomerate BR45 and i just recently transfered from TactialGamer.com (combined arms) over to Hyun's Dragons (air primary).  You guys never cease to amaze me at how fast you can scramble a stupefyingly large amount of anti-air assets.

I'm not great in a Reaver but give me my HA kits and a lot of spandex wearers are in for a lot of pain and death. > :D


Back on the topic at hand, here is some of my work. (LARGE IMAGE WARNING)


Stock SSTO cargo plane capable of delivering up to 12 tons to orbit.  Not functional under stock aero (FAR) so all my current Skyranger models will not be flying on the server yet.


Mk4 shuttle. Uses Nertea's awesome Mk 4 fuselage series and can haul 40 tons to orbit (theoretically, the main engine balance was never finished). The DMP server does not include the necessary mod and therefore this will never fly on the server.


Tranquility Base (the second). Done stock in my personal sandbox save. Also done near the Apollo 11 easter egg (hence the name). It is, however, about to become less stock as I'm throwing up karbonite mining equipment next.



P.S. I'd hide the images under spoiler tags but I don't know if spoiler tags work the same way as on the KSP forums here (the img tag certainly does not).

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Welcome! Also, fyou! I just had a session of PS2 and the damn tardery that is the airhammer bruh! Don't know how many times I got killed the the Dargons, but it was quite a few. Didn't help that AC was playing as NC as well, making it a general bitch to be infantry :P Maybe I'll seek revenge by 'forgetting' to decelerate when approaching one of your vessels? :D j/k - or am I?  :ph34r:

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Welcome aboard Sierra! Yes, small world. hehe.


Let us know if you can get in the game. I look forward to seeing some of your awesome creations flying around.

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