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KerbalX Ship uploads/downloads

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Figured I could start a thread like this. Find anything interesting on KerbalX, or built something cool? Share it here :D

Here's my first entry, it's a Star Wars inspired POD racer designed for racing close to the ground.



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Made myself a Jetpack. It's usable in atmosphere and microgravity alike. It also has a docking port jr. for docking. http://www.kerbalx.com/crafts/735



This is madness! And awesome. Mostly awesome. =P


What kind of height can you get with that sucker taking off from the space center?

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Haha, thanks :P

Well, I've gotten 30km+ with enough fuel to land. If all you do is going straight up full throttle.



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Not sure how useful this would be, but I've been working on various forms of cranes. Mostly for moving stuff about once put down, just in case it can't mvoe on its own. So, apart from the various rover designs I decided that I needed a craneplane. Or, a planecrane? Iduno... Anyway, here's a screenshot:


It comes with a fully functional 360 degree rotating, pivoting and extendable crane, with a winch of course. In addition, the plane has reverse thrusters for, well, reversing. Or, to be used as brakes upon landing if you need to land in a tight spot. It also has legs that can be deployed for stability if you are lifting heavy objects. 


And by the way, if you feel absolutely nuts, why not take your catch for a ride? :D 



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This thing will need a crane in the cargo bay once I finish developing it in stock KSP: :)









I've spent hours on this thing. Hours. It's probably one of the best if not the best NASA style shuttle replica possible in KSP.


This is her maiden flight. Empty cargo bay. Perfectly flawless. Landed back at KSC. No mods except what you see here: KER.


She's powerful. Next up is cargo testing to see what she can carry. The fun part! :D

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