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Kerbollo Program

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This thread to capture the mission reports for the Kerbollo Program:


Mission 1: Orbit Mun with 3 Kerbals and bring them back home.

Mission 2: Land 2 Kerbals on the Mun, plant flag, and bring them back home.

Mission 3: Land 2 Kerbals near the Mun Arch, plus a rover on the Mun, plant flag, and bring the Kerbals back home.

Mission 4: Land 1 Kerbal on Minmus, plant flag, and return him home.


After this series we will have the go-ahead from KSC planners to build a Mun and Minmus ComSat network, and then Mun Station and Mun Base in a separate thread.

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There are two ships in orbit, so we can accomplish missions 1 and 2. I sent the Apollo-style mission up, but someone beat me there with another one that is a bit more fancy. =) Should be around this evening to finish out the landing & return portions of the mission. Will upload the craft file once login issues are sorted out and I can get back in under my original server name.

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We need screenshots and mission reports! Feel free to use imgur.com for image hosting.

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Beautiful day for a launch!



Jettison fairing to reveal LEM.



Ready for the trip!



Stepping out for a bit.



For Kerbin and GotR!



And a clean getaway back home.


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Awesome!!! Worthy of mention in the Mess Hall.

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Taking off from Kerbin, heading for Minmus on a manned mission.


Burning escape velocity.


Circularizing around Minmus


Lander separated for... landing


Testing gravity. For science of course. Not for fun. For science!


Science was wrong. It is not made of pure mint. It's a sad day for Kerbin kind. But that doesn't mean we can't smile for picture. SCIENCE! 


And finally, after multiple mission... bugs (lander totally didn't run out of fuel and the docking procedures totally didn't fail!)... we are home :D 


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Kerbollo 12: (went looking for Mun Arch, got lost and landed here instead)










These guys have a complicated flight to get back home. A plane change, and rendezvous with Kerbollo CSM... which is orbiting the opposite direction of the Mun Dust mission, near space collision only 1000 meters in opposite directions! Man that was fast!  Here's hoping that there's lots of space in space. For now the Kerbollo 12 LEV remains safely on the Mun. I'll try to get it back home soon.

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Desnard Kerman set out in a rudimentary Mun Lander to retrace the steps of the great Neil Armstrong.

And this he did.





Having located the Neil Armstrong memorial, Desnard set out to mark it for Kerbin and GOTRkind.





Then some things happened. Now Desnard is stranded! Will some kind Kerbal come to his rescue before he runs out of oxygen?




Probably not.

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Kerbollo 12 LEM crew was lost entirely when it ran out of fuel attempting to make orbit. RIP Loddrin and Ensen Kerman. The first of our space program's official deaths in space.  I recommend naming our first Munar station Loddrin Station, and base Ensen Base in memory.

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Rescue mission for Desnard did not go quite according to plan. The first rescue ship was bare-bones, and did not have enough fuel to make a lot of adjustments during the landing procedure. Left them with not quite enough fuel to reach orbit again.






Budget was no object for the second mission. We've got two Kermen down there - we gotta bring them home! The rescue craft was subsequently much bigger, with enough fuel to hop around a few times if need-be. After rescuing the rescue team, they headed back to Kerbin for a successful splashdown.







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