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GOTR Chat - hosted by Discord

You can access the public-only side of the GOTR Discord server with this instant invite link: https://discord.gg/Dq4fZht

Not a member yet? Join us today!

Already a member? For full access to all members-only areas, follow these 3 simple steps to access our Discord text chat:

  1. If you don't have a Discord account, create one. If you do have a Discord account, log into it with this web browser. If you're already logged into Discord, for safety LOG BACK OUT OF DISCORD IN YOUR WEB BROWSER, THEN BACK IN. The most common problem GOTR members have is linking the wrong account from our website to Discord.
  2. Link your website and Discord accounts with our website link.
  3. Use Discord in your browser, or download Discord for your desktop or phone and stay connected to GOTR anytime, anywhere!

If you find you linked the wrong Discord account, just unlink from your GOTR profile, log out of Discord in your browser, log back in on the right Discord account, and link again.

Confused? We have a FAQ that should answer all of your questions.

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